Other Lost Nephews

(Nephews whose names are hypertext links have pictures accompanying them. )

Aeiouey  ~  Nephew Hooked on Phonics
(Don't ask me how to pronounce this!)

Black-and-Bluey ~ the accident-prone nephew.

Buoy ~  lifeguard nephew

Eewy  ~  gross nephew

Ewey  ~ shepherd nephew

Gooey  ~  nephew who likes sticky candy

Hooey  ~  don't believe a word this nephew says

Kablooey ~ nephew who's fond of explosives!

Mooey ~  likes cows

Newey  ~  the most recently discovered lost nephew

Ptooey  ~  Nephew who likes to spit

Sooey  ~  Nephew who knows a lot of pig calls

Screwy   ~  crazy nephew

Twoey  ~   Siamese twin nephews

Wooey  ~  nephew popular with the girls

Zooey  ~  Likes animals

(C)  Katie Sullivan  

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