Amely Witch


As you might be able to guess from this lady's name, she's not entirely on the up-and-up!  In fact, she's Magica de Spell in disguise!

"Amely Witch" appeared in the Italian magazine "Minnie & Company" in June of 1993.  The story was written by Nino Russo and drawn by Corrado Mastantuono.  The title, "Amelia e il trionfo del vero amore" roughly translates as "Magica de Spell and the Triumph of True Love."

After being defeated by Scrooge yet again in her quest for his #1 dime, Magica was walking through a park in Duckburg when she passed a couple of young lovers.   The boy says to the girl, "If we get married, everything that is mine will be yours!"  This got Magica thinking...

amely1.jpg (18278 bytes)She used her magic to turn into a tall, blonde duckess and called herself Amely Witch.  The spellbook included a disclaimer: "The spell will end if a precious circle, full of someone else's love, comes to belong to you."  This didn't seem significant to Magica at the time.

Meanwhile, Scrooge learned of Amely Witch--an extremely wealthy duck he didn't know about before.  He sent one of his spies to investigate her, and found out that her hobbies include swimming in money, being stingy, and eating bread and water to save money on food.  Intrigued, Scrooge invited her over to visit on his birthday.   They talked for a long time.  After she left Brigitta MacBridge came to give a gold ring to Scrooge, which he accepted...and then kicked her out.  ;-)

A few days later, Amely called Scrooge to offer financial advice, and he invited her to Donald's house, where it was free!  amely2.jpg (20934 bytes)Another day they were walking in the park and Amely beat up on a thief who was after Scrooge's money.  Soon it was in the all the papers--Scrooge McDuck had a girlfriend.  Brigitta wept jealously, saying, "What does she have that I don't?  Only...she's richer...younger...nicer..."  ;-)

While out for dinner, Scrooge was reaching into his wallet to pay for the meal (!!!) and accidentally took out the ring from Brigitta along with some coins.   Amely said it looked nice, and Scrooge replied, "Whoops!  It was a present from a friend, Brigitta.  If I had lost it she'd have had my feathers!"

amely7.jpg (17735 bytes)Suddenly Amely (Magica) remembers the clause in the magic spell warning of the "precious circle" with "someone else's love."  She tried to steal the ring twice and ended up kissing Scrooge.   Later, Scooge told Donald he thought he was in love with Amely.  The next day he confessed his feelings to her and proposed.

"And would you share everything...even your most precious thing...with me?" Amely asked.  Scrooge said yes, so she accepted his proposal.

Soon every newspaper was announcing Scrooge's upcoming wedding.  Brigitta's scream scared half the city! ;-)

Donald, Daisy, Grandma Duck, Gus, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Gladstone and Brigitta came to the wedding.

"It was time the guy got engaged!" Grandma cried.  (You're telling me! ;-)
"Oh, he only needed to find a duck as stingy--er, careful as him," Donald answered.
"Donald! You mustn’t speak so of your aunt-in-law!"
"Sorry, Grandma!"

At the ceremony, Amely gave a ring to Scrooge, but he suddenly remembered he hadn’t bought one for her. Frantically, he searched his pockets and found Brigitta’s present.  He realized it wasn't a nice thing to do to Brigitta, but he was desperate and decided to use it.

"But that's the ring of..." Amely started.
"Shhh...don’t say anything," Scrooge whispered.  "I forgot to buy one.  I thought you liked this one."
amely-magica2.jpg (23063 bytes)As soon as he put the ring on Amely’s finger, the spell was dissolved, and she was once again Magica de Spell.

"Betrayal! I married a witch!" Scrooge yelled. Angry, Magica threw the ring at him and fled.

Her plan to get Scrooge's #1 dime was foiled yet again.  Brigitta told Scrooge she was glad he was happy, and he thanked her for the ring.  Several days later she received a letter and a small crown.  Scrooge's letter read, "A ring would be dangerous, but this is proof you’re at the first place among the ones who can court me."  (Goldie and I are just going to assume he was having another bout of amnesia.  Donald, be a dear and fetch his memory pills, would you? ;-)
"Now I know one day I’ll have you, you strong-headed love!" Brigitta sighed.

The End

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Scrooge hugging Amely - Amely looking worried - At the wedding

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