Belle Duck

(a.k.a. Bella Quack)


Belle appeared in comics in the 1960's in stories by Dick Kinney.

She and Scrooge apparently have a long history together.  Belle appears to still have feelings for Scrooge, although he has no romantic interest in her.  It is implied that this was not always the case, however.  Belle sometimes threatens to reveal an embarassing secret from the past if Scrooge won't pay for repairs to  her old riverboat, "The Gilded Lily".  Belle gives cruises on the Tulebug River in Duckburg in her riverboat.

As her name suggests, Belle is from the South, where she was once well-to-do.

Her arch-nemesis is Captain Annie, who runs another tourist boat on the Tulebug River, called "The Flying Dutchman".  Belle is a much better sailor than Annie.


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