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Brigitta's headeager BrigittaAs a Scarpa-deprived, non-Italian-speaking American, I have had little exposure to Brigitta MacBridge. She debuted in Romano Scarpa's "The Last Balaboo" in Topolino" #243 in 1960.  (Seen in the U.S.A. in U$ #242 --see a cover scan and the first panel.)  

Brigitta is usually seen chasing after Scrooge, trying to get him to fall in love with her.  She is rejected time and time again but never gives up.  She's either very stubborn or very optimistic--or both!

Brigitta is also a fellow businessperson in Duckburg, and Scrooge does occasionally deal with her in that capacity.

The near-weddingOf note is the fact that Scrooge's creator, the immortal Carl Barks, liked the character and sent Romano Scarpa a sketch of Brigitta using a money-scented perfume to woo Scrooge.

In one story, Scrooge nearly married Brigitta in order to obtain some of her land, but that was his sole intent and there was no romantic sentiment on his part.


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