Goldie's Appearances on DuckTales


"Back to the Klondike"


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This is an adaptation of the Barks story by the same name.  Unlike in the comic story, the romance here is obvious, and Goldie and Scrooge are actually engaged to be married at one point. 

Goldie cheats at cards to get her hands on Scrooge's gold, instead of drugging his coffee.  In the confusion, however, a Soapy Slick-like character, Dangerous Dan, steals the Goose Egg Nugget.  Scrooge never does get it back!  Once Goldie's unfair tactics come to light, Scrooge threatens to call the Mounted Police.   She declares that she'll dig him another nugget instead, and comes to work his claim willingly.  While working there together through the seasons, they fall in love and get engaged.

Before they could take their gold and settle down in Duckburg, however, Dangerous Dan steals their cache, and then tells Goldie that Scrooge ran off with the gold, and, in turn, tells Scrooge that Goldie had stolen it.

There is no plot about lost memory to spur Scrooge into going back to the Klondike.  While reminiscing (on Valentine's Day!) with Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby, he suddenly remembers that there was still some gold in his claim at White Agony.  How he could have just forgotten that, without the amnesia plot, didn't make a lot of sense to me.  Anyway, he takes HD&L with him on the trip north, saying, "Who knows?  We might even find Goldie--er, that's gold."   ;-)

The rest of the episode plays out quite a bit like the comic book version.  Blackjack the bear (although never named) tries to chase Scrooge away from the claim, and eventually the triplet nephews discover the "claimjumper" is none other than Goldie herself.  She shoos them out and changes into her old ballgown, just as in the comic.  After some bickering and misunderstandings, she and Scrooge realize how Dangerous Dan tricked them both, and forgive each other.

End of the DuckTales "Back to the Klondike"In the end of the episode Scrooge asks Goldie to come to Duckburg with him, but she chooses to remain in the Klondike.  As in the Barks comic, he gives her the deed to the claim at White Agony and all the gold left in it.  Here, though, it is a blatant and undisguised show of affection, with no pretense of having forgotten about a gold cache.

Interestingly, the episode was censored much as the comic book story was, but for different reasons.  During a scene in the Blackjack Ballroom, Dangerous Dan shoots a pistol across the room and knocks the cork out of a bottle of whiskey on the bar, then blows the smoke from the gun into Scrooge's face.  It's while Scrooge is coughing and sputtering that Goldie switches the deck of cards, thus cheating and winning his gold.  When DuckTales airs on Toon Disney, however, this apparently unacceptably careless use of firearms is deleted.  Now it just sounds like Scrooge has a sudden coughing fit for no reason, and Goldie makes the switch.  The edit is abrupt and somewhat confusing.

Another incident of censoring is when Goldie leaves the cabin at White Agony to find Scrooge, who is being chased by her pet bear.  One of the three nephews asks, "Are you going to help Unca Scrooge?"  In the censored, Toon Disney version, she never answers.  In the original version that aired in the Disney Afternoon back in the 1980s, Goldie cocks a pistol and says, "Nah, I'm gonna try to take another shot at him!"

There may be a few other cuts related to guns, but those were the two that stood out the most to me.

"'Til Nephews do us Part"


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Scrooge is romanced by a fellow billionarie, a tall duckess named Millionaira Vanderbucks.  Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby don't like her, and are concerned that he has forgotten Goldie.  They plan to show him the large portrait of her in the hallway in order to remind him how much he loves her, but just as they are about to do so, Scrooge proposes, and Millionaira accepts!

The boys try to scare her away by making Scrooge's globetrotting treasure hunts seems even more dangerous and wild than they are.  Their pranks just get them a severe scolding, and the wedding goes ahead as planned.

Unbeknownst to everyone but the four children, however, Goldie has been invited to the festivities.  As Scrooge is flabbergasted at the altar upon finally realizing "Millie" only wanted him for his money, a gunshot rings out.  Goldie bursts from the cake, dressed in her mining clothes, and glares at him.   She shouts, "You say 'I do,' and you'll feel the breech of my shotgun!"

Scrooge proclaims, "Goldie, my true love!" but she'll have none of it, and chases him across the parking lot, shooting at him for daring to "look at another woman!"

Scrooge ducks her bullets, saying,   "Goldie, love, I didn't know you cared...this much!"

"Ducky Mountain High"

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Goldie has apparently given up mining and has moved to British Columbia to become a lumberjill.  Flintheart Glomgold takes an insincere romantic interest in her for business purposes.  Scrooge competes with Glomgold to win Goldie's favor.  Both obsquamatillionaires are really after her timber lands, where gold trees supposedly grow. 

Eventually Scrooge gets the land he wants, but Goldie still gets the better of him, because the gold deposit that gives the trees their unusual color remains on her land.   He tries very hard to be angry at her, but after she seizes him in a huge kiss he can't think of anything else to say.  ;-)


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In a long dream sequence, Goldie plays Princess to Scrooge's Cinderella-type character. 

Goldie is the princess of a medieval kingdom ruled by Gyro Gearloose.  Scrooge is a poor lad forced to work for Flintheart Glomgold and the Beagle Boys.  Miss Beakly and Webby appear as faeries to grant his wish to attend the royal ball. 

When he shows up in a gold tuxedo and top hat with a diamond-topped gold cane, Goldie falls head over heels in love with him.   After a dreamy dance, however, she is kidnapped by Flintheart and the Beagles, and "Scroogerello" must rescure her from a castle. 

They are separated again afterward, however, because Scrooge doesn't want her to see him in his pauper's clothing, after the magic has worn off.  She travels the countryside with the only thing he left behind--his gold top hat--looking for the only one whom it fits.  Just as she finds Scrooge, however, Flintheart and the Beagles show up to cause more trouble--and the real Scrooge wakes up. 

After getting out of bed, he kisses his finger and then plants the kiss on a glass statuette of a young Goldie on the bedside table.   "I guess it didn't work out this time, either, old girl," he says wistfully.  "I guess magic like that is only for faerie tales."  :-(

"Scrooge's Pet" This is an adaptation of Barks' "The Lemming with the Locket."  Goldie appears as a glass statue in Scrooge's office.   In the Barks story the statue is a gold figure of Scrooge himself.  I like this version much better. ;-) 

When the lemming knocks the statue over, Scrooge makes a diving leap to catch it before it shatters on the floor, shouting, "I'll save you, Goldie girl!"  He does, but of the course the lemming gets away with the locket containing the combination to the Money Bin's main vault, and chaos ensues.  ;-)

"Raiders of the Lost Harp" When Magica de Spell comes into Scrooge's office disguised as Helen of Troy, look carefully in the background.  There's a sepia-toned statue of Goldie holding a parasol in front of her!  It's to the right of Scrooge and Magica as she sits on his desk.
"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. McDuck" $crooge is awake late at night, worrying about how the Jekyll formula made him give money away--the horror!  He decides he needs to touch some money to feel better about things, so he gets out of bed, crosses the bedroom to a portrait of Goldie, and lifts up the picture to reveal a wall safe hidden behind it.

Oddly, the colorist gave Goldie blonde hair in the picture, even though when the same portrait appeared in "'Til Nephews Do Us Part" Goldie had gray hair.   (She's in her mining clothes.)


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