Phooey: The Enigmatic Fourth Nephew

Four nephews?  Sometimes an extra nephew has slipped into comics along with Huey, Dewey and Louie!  Fans have unofficially dubbed him "Phooey."

Who is Phooey?  (Besides a mistake by various artists?)  One theory hearkens back to the original introduction of the nephews.  It seems a firecracker had mysteriously gone off under their father's chair, sending him to the hospital.  During his recovery, their mother sent them to live with their Uncle Donald, and they stayed.  Could Phooey have been the bad nephew who put the firecracker under the chair?  Perhaps he's off at reform school!  ;-)

Whatever the reason, Phooey has shown up from time to time in many comics.  Below are links to several pictures containing four nephews.


  Here are Phooey pictures found by other fans

Phooey #1  Phooey #2 Phooey #3 Phooey #4

Phooeys I have found

Here's a Phooey from "The Ragged Rim Run" in "Huey, Dewey and Louie Junior Woodchucks" No. 59, September 1979. While Phooey is not obviously visible, a close-up view shows a fourth Woodchuck cap behind the others! There were no other Junior Woodchucks there at the time, so this is surely Phooey! This Phooey is a little more obvious. It comes from "The Missing Mogul" in "Huey, Dewey and Louie Junior Woodchucks" No. 40, Sept. 1976. If you count the number of nephews, counting the silhouette in the background, there are four!

Do you have any other pictures of Phooey?  E-mail them to me!

What about other lost nephews? (Ones I've made up)

Phooey Links

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Other Oddities

Another interesting oddity I ran across comes from "The Chatterbox" in "Daisy and Donald" No 54, 1982. Somehow the artist got confused and drew eyelashes on both Daisy and Donald!

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