Heritage in the Stars

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As Chief of Imperial Palace Security, Bronzar has his work cut out for him.  Keeping the Empress safe from harm would be a difficult task under any circumstances, but this particular monarch is especially exasperating.   Vazali routinely overrules him on security decisions, brushing off his vigilance as silly overprotectiveness.  His rigid adherence to duty and her nonchalant attitude frequently clash.

So it's easy to forgive poor Bronzar if he gets just a little aggrivated from time to time.   Yet despite it all he remains the closest thing Vazali has to a friend.

He's a workaholic, but does an admirable job of balancing a demanding career with raising his eight-year-old son, Zenni.  After an early marriage to his high school sweetheart fell apart, he became a single father.   He always does justice to the two most important things in his life: his son and his job.

Bronzar's serious, no-nonsense, suspicious attitude leads many to the impression that he's mean and unapproachable, but those who know him best see him as a loyal, brave, extremely dedicated man willing to make any sacrifice necessary to get the job done.

Bronzar is rarely seen without a pair of dark glasses, even when indoors or off-duty.  The reason for this is known to very few...

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