Heritage in the Stars

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The first ten-and-a-half years of Delzeena's life have been extremely difficult.   Orphaned as an infant, she's been homeless as long as she can remember.   Her parents' names, faces, and fates are lost in the blur of time.  She's one of many homeless in the capital, but that's little consolation when she has to sleep in an abandoned school and everything she owns fits in an old backpack.  A lesser soul would have lost its spark a long time ago under such terrible conditions, but Delzeena is a fighter.  Through it all she's kept her spirit, fending for herself against a cruel world where eating is a luxury and freezing to death is a very real possibility.

She has no family, no friends, no home...but some very potent enemies.  For reasons she doesn't understand, a teenage Vincaran named Xorax has been threatening her, stalking in the shadows and waiting for the opportunity to carry out his dark plan, whatever that might be.  Delzeena has to keep her wits about her at all times to keep out of harm's way, for although there are many things about Xorax she doesn't know, one thing is certain: he's a very dangerous person.

Delzeena knows that somewhere there are girls with families, homes, fancy dresses, full stomachs and no worries.  She also knows that, barring a miracle, she has no hope of ever becoming one of them.

Never count out a miracle.


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