Jack of Hearts

Pirates of...Elsinore?

A random thought that popped into the wench's brain one night...the PotC characters performing Shakespeare.  Hey, they're already set for the sword fights...  Thus was born this goofy bit of cross-casting.


Role Played by Why?
Hamlet Jack Method to the madness!  'Nuff said.   ;)  Plus it's the lead role, and do you think Captain Jack Sparrow would let anyone else star?
Laertes Will Pretty straight-laced, toe-the-mark kind of guy until stuff really hits the fan, then he's not afraid to stand up for his loved ones
Ophelia Elizabeth Yes, that would make her and Will siblings but I ship Jack/Elizabeth anyway, so nyah. Heehee... Plus Jack could save her from drowning again!  Both ladies may have angst over their love lives, but Elizabeth is far from the moping, delicate, passive lady that Ophelia is.
Polonius Gov. Swann Older, slightly doddering but well-intentioned father figure.
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Pintel and Ragetti Kind of a no-brainer, there.  ;)
Gertrude Tia Dalma Well, Tia's way more intelligent and feisty than Gertrude, but she's got the fickle heart thing going on.
Hamlet Sr. Davy Jones Supernatural? Check. Broken heart? Check.
Claudius Barbossa Although there was that one promo poster for the first movie that shows him holding a skull that looks like a major Hamlet reference.   ;)


Disclaimer:  Disney owns everything.   This be just a fan tribute, and this lowly wench makes not a doubloon from any of it.