Jack of Hearts

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Rating:  G  ~   Pairing:  None   ~    Spoilers:  CotBP
Summary:  Jack and Bootstrap muse about relationships, pre-mutiny.

Something Odd
Rating:  PG-13 ~ Pairing:  Jack/Anamaria ~ Spoilers:  CotBP
Summary: He still owes her a ship...

Rating:  G  ~  Pairing:  None  ~  Spoilers:   DMC
Summary:  My take on what happens next with Jack, The Kraken, and Davy Jones.   As canon-friendly as I could make it without reading spoilers for the third movie.   ;)

Wishing Well
Rating:  G ~ Pairing:  Hints of Jack/Liz  ~   Spoilers:   CotBP & DMC
Summary:  An incident from Elizabeth's childhood mirrors choices she must make later in life...

Faerie Lights
Rating:  G  ~  Pairing:  None  ~  Spoilers:   DMC
Summary:  A glimpse into Davy Jones' backstory

The Pirates of the Caribbean Drinking Game Pirates of Elsinore (Hamlet cross-cast)


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