Katie's Goldfish Photos


And aren't we photogenic?

Sammy in his old, small aquarium (Sept-Oct 2001):
---Sammy eating bubbles and brine shrimp
---Sammy having a snack
---Sammy zipping around like crazy

Sammy and Jackie during their first days together (late Oct 2001):
---Sammy and Jackie dancing
---Side view of Jackie and part of Sammy
---The two swimmin' along
---Nice profiles of both
---Very nice pic of them swimming side-by-side
---Jackie and Sammy showing off their acrobatic skills
---Zipping around the rock
---A blurry pic of Jackie chasing Sammy
---Sammy chasing alongside Jackie.  Now it's usually the other way around, but at first he was so happy to see another fish, he just wouldn't leave her alone!
---Sammy watches Jackie checking out her reflection
---The whole aquarium

Sammy and Jackie on 17 Dec 2001:
---Isn't this just the cutest thing ever? I came home from class to find Jackie and Sammy fast sleep in the corner of their tank. Jackie had her chin resting in a plant. Aww...
---More sleeping
---Still sleeping...  
---Finally starting to wake up.    

More from December 2001:
---Closeup of Jackie
---Sammy trying in vain to dislodge a flake from above the waterline.
---Jackie doesn't have any better luck.
---Looking down on both fish
---Looking up at Jackie from below
---Sammy in profile, showing how big he's getting!
---Jackie!   Sammy is not a pillow!
---Jackie does her best vaccuum cleaner impression!  LOL
---Sammy and Jackie swimming around

Pics from January 18th, 2002
---Sammy and Jackie, sleeping side-by-side!
---A slightly different angle
---Jackie peeking through a plant
---Sammy wonders why Jackie's lurking in the plant
---Later that evening, Sammy was sleeping underneath a plant.  The way the leaf is over his head, it looks like he's wearing a hat!  LOL!
---Here's another angle of Sammy's "hat."

Pics from January 27th, 2002
---I got more fishies!  Meet my baby fantails, Tony and Mellie!
---Tony and Mellie explore their new tank
---Mellie creates an optical illusion with the reflection on the side of the tank.  There really are only two fish in there, honestly!
---Sammy and Jackie stare at me as if to say, "You got MORE fish?!   What's wrong with us?"  Don't worry, guys, I still love you bunches and heaps.  That's why I bought them a new, bigger rock.  :-) Jackie scraped off a couple scales trying to squeeze through the old, smaller one.
---A view of Sammy and Jackie's tank with the new rock and the quasi-new "No Fishing" sign. ;-)
---Tony and Mellie's tank

Pictures from 20 Feb 2002:
---Mellie and Addy, the latest addition

Pictures from 24 Feb 2002:
---Sammy and Jackie are now in a new 25-gallon tank!
---Sammy hamming it up for the camera
---"Yeah, yeah, bigger tank, new plants, blah blah...FEED US!"
---Tony and Addy wonder what all the excitement is next door

Pictures from 16 March 2002:
--- Sammy with the cute "No Fishing" sign
---Sammy does a lil' dance
---A somewhat blurry pic of Jackie twisting to look right at me
---Jackie peeks through the rock
---Jackie showing off her back markings
---Jackie showing off her side markings

Pictures from 27 March 2002:
---The three babies got scared when I had to put medicine in the tank, and they all hid under their favorite plant.  Sorry, guys!  I had to treat Addy's fin rot!
---Addy and Mellie discuss the situation
---Tony was the most frightened, but Mellie's a big scaredy-fish, too!
---Fish pile!  :-)

Pictures from 15 April 2002:
---Tony, Mellie and Addy have an afternoon frolic.
---The three babies doing their ferris wheel impression.  (Hard to tell in a still picture, but trust me it's funny!)
---Addy watches me while Tony and Mellie bonk heads!

Pictures from 4 July 2002:
---The "babies" are now in a 37-gallon tank!
---Mellie near the tree
---Addy and Mellie hide in a dip in the gravel, looking scared.  They still weren't used to the huge tank! ;)
---Mellie's gone off exploring, but Addy's still cowering!
---Mellie and Tony warily regard the nut with the camera

Tony and Mellie, hamming it up

Pictures from 16 July 2002:
---Smooch!  Sammy and Jackie kissing!
---It's hard to play hide-and-seek in an aquarium.  There are so few hiding spots!
---A nice shot of Sammy
---Sammy and Jackie putting on a show, hoping I'll feed them
---Jackie looking for food
---Sammy looking especially rotund
---Feed.   Us.  NOW!!!
---What part of "feed us" don't you understand?

Pictures from August 2002:
---Sammy shows off his latest move:  the sideways swirl!
---Sammy and Jackie say "Hello!"
---Sammy looking gorgeous and round.  This is the pic that earned him the nickname "The Orange Gentleman."  ;)
---Addy vaccuuming up pellets from the gravel
---Mellie bottomfeeds with her tail fanned out

Pictures from 17 Sept 2002:
---Sammy and Jackie sound asleep! (What is it that's so cute about sleeping fishies?)  Notice how much of Jackie's orange has turned into white!

Pictures from the rest of 2002:
---Jackie's losing most of her orange now.
---Sammy cruising through the bubble curtain.
---A head-on view of Addy pouting.
---Addy and Mellie.
---Mellie showing me that her mouth is empty, implying it should have food in it...
---Jackie, also with open mouth. Note the reduced amount of orange.
---Sammy caught by the camera in mid-barrel-roll!
---Sammy using Jackie as a pillow during their afternoon nap.

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