Dragon Exile - A Warcraft Fancomic

This is the story of how Obsidia went from being a spoiled dragon to a bitter warlock.

Created with in-game screenshots, screenshots from the WoW Model Viewer add-on, and Paint Shop Pro 5.00.
Obsidia can be found on the Shadow Council server.

Here's a handy summary to Warcraft Draconology if you need to brush up.

Notes on the "Making Of" this comic



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Page Twenty-one     A work in progress!
Page Twenty-two     New pages will be added later.
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Last updated:  25 Oct. 2006 -- Added pages 16-23
Online since 18 Oct 2006

Story and screenshot editing by Katie Sullivan.  Please do not repost elsewhere online.  Warcraft, its characters, and designs all belong to Blizzard Entertainment and are used without permission for nonprofit fan tribute only.