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Guardian of Murky

Dragon Fangirl

Collector of achievements, mounts, pets, tabards, toys, reputation, and fish

Level 110 Human Mage

Setting fire to critters in Azeroth since August 2005

Talent Spec:  Fire (sometimes Frost)

Stormrage (US) server

Armory Link


  • Knowing more than any sane person should about Warcraft lore
  • Extensive headcanons and fanfics about Warcraft dragons
  • Max level skill in Cooking, First Aid, Fishing, Archaeology, Herbalism and Skinning
  • Earned three legendaries:  Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest; Xing-Ho, Breath of Yulon; and Nithramus,the All-Seer
  • Named Hero of the Zandalar for slaying Hakkar in the original Zul'Gurub
  • Slayer of the black dragon Onyxia and the Fire Lord Ragnaros during vanilla
  • Won Onyxia's head from the first kill at both level 60 and 80
  • Named Queen of the Ogres in Blade's Edge
  • Tanked Krosh Firehand weekly when Gruul's Lair was current content
  • Defended Azeroth during the original Scourge Invasion and its pre-Wrath return
  • Helped to kill many bugs and Anubisath while braving the epic lag of the Ahn'Qiraj gate opening
  • Only died three times stealing the Fire Festival Flames from the Horde capitals in 2008
  • Completed the Achievement "What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been" in Feb. 2010
  • Represented Stormwind (and threw snowballs and old spices at the faction leaders) in the Crusader's Coliseum
  • Prevented the destruction of Azeroth by defeating Deathwing at the Maelstrom
  • Slogged through the jungles of Pandaria to drag Crown Prince Anduin home (and made friends with a certain black dragon along the way)
  • Fought back the demon invasions prior to Legion's launch
  • Exalted with over 70 factions, including the Argent Dawn, Brood of Nozdormu, Hydraxian Waterlords, Wintersaber Trainers, Timbermaw, Thorium Brotherhood, and Zandalar Tribe
  • Pet collector with over 650 unique pets
  • Mount collector with the Ashes of Alar, Onyxian Drake, Raven Lord, White Polar Bear, and over 200 more.
  • 17680 Achievement Points (and counting...)
  • Casual raider from vanilla through the end of Mists of Pandaria

Guild History:

  • Member of Valiant Souls, September 2005--July 2009 
    (Mage class leader February 2008 to January 2009, Officer February-July 2009)

  • Member/Raider of Iravien, July 2009--March 2010

  • Member/Officer of Sacred Ground since March 2010

Not-so-impressive moments:

  • Stupidly ran into the Arathi Highlands and ended up lost among the then-elites in Stromgarde at approximately level 15
  • Missed the jump to the balcony to UBRS/BWL about a million times
  • Closely inspected the floor of Karazhan after dying repeatedly in AOE pulls near Moroes
  • Failing spectacularly at PVP
  • Dying often in the "Frogger" hallway in Naxxramas
  • Cleared ToC 25 wearing a Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat without realizing it


Attended guild-first kills of:

  • Classic Ragnaros  (had previously killed with a guild alliance)
  • Hakkar the Soulflayer (and won his heart!)
  • Vaelstrasz the Corrupt
  • Shade of Aran
  • High King Maulgar
  • Gruul the Dragonkiller
  • Magtheridon
  • Halazzi, Lynx God of Zul'Aman
  • Rage Winterchill (1 Aug 2008 with guild alliance, and after Patch 3.0 nerf with an all-guild group)
  • Anatheron (after Patch 3.0)
  • Kaz'rogal (after Patch 3.0)
  • High Warlord Naj'entus (after Patch 3.0)
  • Supremus (after Patch 3.0)
  • Shade of Akama (after Patch 3.0)
  • Teron Gorefiend (after Patch 3.0)
  • Grobbulus (10-man)
  • Flame Leviathan (25-man)
  • Hodir (25-man)
  • Beasts of Northrend (25-man)
  • Twin Val'kyr (25-man)
  • Rotface (25-man)
  • Several bosses in the second half of Firelands
  • Most of Dragon Soul, including Deathwing
  • All Mists of Pandaria content (10-man normal)
  • ...and many others