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Armory Links
(I have plenty of other alts but these are the ones I play most and/or have fics about)

Skarlette - 90 Human mage (my main) -- More about Skarlette
Obsydia - 90 Human black dragon warlock (see fic) Eitak - 85 Troll rogue
Selldorine - 90 Night Elf druid Shelkaena - 60+ Blood Elf paladin
Azularia - 80+ Draenei paladin Zarctica - 60+ Troll mage
Tinneleva - 70+ Dwarf hunter Villeshari - 30+ Blood Elf warlock
Vallkyrie - 90 Human death knight Vacanahwe - 80+ Tauren hunter
Laharia - 80+ Draenei shaman Cybela(strasza) - 40+ Blood Elf red dragon priest
Starlette - 80+ Night Elf rogue Cerulea(gosa) - 90 Blood Elf blue dragon mage
Xinghongse - 80+ Pandaren monk (her name means "Scarlet" in Mandarin)
Kalizai - 85 Night Elf death knight  (see fic)
Maeldan - 70+ Night Elf shadow priest (see fic)

Other important links

Official WoW Site My page at Warcraft Realms
WoW Insider My profile at
Wowhead My profile at WoWhead
WoWpedia My page at WoWhead Profiler