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This page isn't much to look at, but it's got all the important links on it.


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Armory Links
(I have plenty of other alts but these are the ones over level 30)

Warcraft Webcomics
I don't make any of these but I enjoy reading them all.  ;)

Adventures of Blanc LFG Comic   (Not specifically WoW)
Skarlette - 80 Human mage (my main) -- More about Skarlette Beyond the Tree LJ's wow_fanart community
Kalizai - 80 Night Elf death knight  (see fic) Cru the Dwarf The Noob (Not specifically WoW)
Obsydia - 70+ "Human" warlock (see fic) Dark Legacy Comics Manic Graffiti (Not only WoW)
Eitak - 70+ Troll rogue Ding! Teh Gladiators (no, that's not a typo)
Maeldan - 70+ Night Elf shadow priest (see fic) Disgraph T. Dwarf Scout Report
Tinneleva - 60+ Dwarf hunter Dragontouched
Vallkyrie - 60+ Human death knight Equinox   - Highly recommended!
Selldorine - 60+ Night Elf druid Flintlocke vs the Horde
Starlette - 50+ Night Elf rogue
Shelkaena - 60+ Blood Elf paladin
Zarctica - 40+ Troll mage Retired comics
Villeshari - 30+ Blood Elf warlock Adventures with Play Messy Cow
Vacanahwe - 40+ Tauren hunter Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth WC3 retold with WoW graphics

Other important links

Official WoW Site wowbash - many lulz to be had My page at Warcraft Realms My profile at
Wowhead My profile at WoWhead My collection at
WoW Wiki My page at WoWhead Profiler