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10 Feb 2012:  I weeded out some dead links and got rid of some old snippets of code that were giving some people virus/security warnings when loading certain pages.  I also messed with the layout of this main page a bit to make it look better on widescreen monitors.  (That just goes to show how incredibly old this page is; widescreen monitors were a very rare thing back in Pirate Island's heyday!)

23 May 2005:  In case the fact that I haven't updated more than once in a year and a half hadn't tipped you off...this site is more or less retired now.  My fanfic series has run to a natural conclusion, and my muses have long since moved on to other things.  I'm leaving the site up for archival purposes, but I no longer consider it active.
Today I weeded out a bunch of dead links and took down some of the oldest art.   Nothing major.  Clear skies, and thanks for visiting.




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"I am wishing to thank myself, for I am so wonderful..."TaleSpin: Plunder and Lightning
1990-91 Emmy Award Winner for
Outstanding Animated Program
(Prime time programming one hour or more)

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1990-91 Emmy Award Nominee for
Outstanding Animated Program
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