Scarlet's Art Gallery


These pics are listed from oldest to newest, so for my latest work, scroll to the bottom.
All images in this gallery are by Scarlet.  No stealing, copying or maiming without permission, thanks.

ridinghood-thumb.jpg (2510 bytes) A Fairy Talespin crossover that should never have happened.  Wolf or fox, it doesn't matter.  This is just plain wrong!
donzorro-thumb.jpg (2045 bytes) Don Karnage as Zorro!   (Zorro does mean 'fox', you know! ;-)
dk_titanic2-thumb.jpg (2240 bytes) A little Titanic crossover in which DK quotes some ironic dialogue from "I Only Have Ice For You"
quixote-thumb.jpg (2272 bytes) Don Karnage, Scarlet and Mad Dog in a Don Quixote crossover. Not as far-out as you might think...
evita1-thumb.jpg (2500 bytes) Scarlet in an outfit worn by Evita.
peterpanparody-thumb.jpg (2627 bytes) A computer-done crossover with a certain pirate-intensive Disney movie
shagwell-thumb.jpg (2544 bytes) Scarlet dressed as Felicity Shagwell from Austin Powers 2. Shagwell? Well, you'd have to ask Felipe about that... >:-)
austindk-thumb.jpg (2220 bytes) Quite possibly the most disturbing picture I've ever drawn, it's Don Karnage dressed like Austin Powers! 0_o
tsphantom-thumb.jpg (2520 bytes) Don Karnage and Scarlet (in a wig) as the Phantom of the Opera and Christine.  Apologies to Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman, Andrew Lloyd Webber and the entire Really Useful Co.  ;-)
king_and_i-thumb.jpg (2534 bytes) The Kaptain and I?  (Six degrees of Don Karnage?  Jim Cummings did once say he based some of DK's attitude on Yul Brenner's in The King and I...)
scarletohara-thumb.jpg (2746 bytes) Scarlet...O'Hara? "I've always depended on the kindness of pirates..." A long overdue crossover.
dktitanic-thumb.jpg (2583 bytes) The inevitable Titanic crossover.  I drew this one a long, long time ago and just now got around to posting it.
marilyn-scarlet-thumb.jpg (2360 bytes) The Scarlet Year Itch? Our heroine as Marilyn Monroe in an updraft.
karnage-hook-tracy-thumb.jpg (2671 bytes) Don Karnage dresses up as Captain Hook from Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates, much to the chagrin of Alexandra Nightshade, Tracy Pierce's character! ^_^


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Tale Spin, Don Karnage, Baloo, Kit, Rebecca Cunningham and Mad Dog are copyright by the Walt Disney Company and are used without  permission.  Scarlet, Victoria, Juan, Gonzalo, Lorita, Ignacio, Dolores, Lorenzo, Vincenzo, Isabella, Carlotta, Baltsaros and Javier de la Valle are copyright by Katie Sullivan and may not be used without permission.