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Don Karnage

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All images in this gallery are by Scarlet.  No stealing, copying or maiming without permission, thanks.

oldgarb-thumb.jpg (2693 bytes)

Here is Don Karnage modeling some more traditional pirate clothing, albeit a little scruffier than his usual garb.

babydon-thumb.jpg (2899 bytes)

Methinks Buzz's time machine still has a few bugs to work out...  No baby this cute could grow up to a feared pirate captain!
meandon-thumb.jpg (2974 bytes) Don Karnage looking fierce.  Some people seem to think he's a mean person.  I don't know where they got that silly idea, but I drew this pic to indulge them.  ;-)
dksleep-thumb.jpg (2271 bytes) ZZZZZZ... Don Karnage taking a snooze. I really like the way this one turned out. Recognize the bathrobe from "A Jolly Molly Christmas"?
dk_bw-thumb.jpg (1576 bytes) Don Karnage dressed in a black-and-white old-fashioned outfit, looking melancholy.
mugshot2-thumb.jpg (1911 bytes) Looks like Karnage finally got arrested!  I used the first name for him from my fic, and picked the date at random.  The date has no significance whatsover.
prisoner-thumb.jpg (2302 bytes) He may look good in his usual uniform, but I don't think he likes this one very much. Probably has something to do with the handcuffs that go along with it. A companion to the mugshot above.
lafitte1-thumb.jpg (1945 bytes) Don Karnage in a snazzy new outfit, borrowed from the movie "The Buccaneer", starring Yul Brenner and Charlton Heston.
Phun Fakt: Jim Cummings once said DK's holier-than-thou attitude was inspired by Yul Brenner in the The King and I! Six degrees of Don Karnage?
lift-thumb.jpg (1924 bytes) Karnage as a child, trying to lift his father's sword.
flynn1-thumb.jpg (1801 bytes) Don Karnage with a fencing foil.  Pose copied from a book on Errol Flynn.  :-) As seen on the DAFT mailout!
dk_pose-thumb.jpg (2288 bytes) Karnage posing with his sword (one of his favorite activities ;-)
betrayed-thumb.jpg (2247 bytes) "Betrayed." Karnage bitterly recalling his relationship with Kit. The background is a collage of screen grabs, mainly from P&L.
kk-thumb.jpg (2986 bytes) K&K... Kit and Karnage... Protege and Mentor. Dedicated to Ted. :-)
kit_capncoat-thumb.jpg (1958 bytes) Pre-P&L, Karnage emerges from the shower to find his protege up to no good
babydk2001-thumb.jpg (2415 bytes) I drew this in 2001 but computer-colored it in May 2002.   It's baby Karnage squeezing his mom's hand.   Awww...


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