Scarlet's Tale Spin Haiku

Character Haiku

Episode Haiku

Don Karnage, pirate
Handsome man of mystery
With a huge ego  :-)

Grease-covered wildcat
You innocent mechanic
I could just hug you!

Round furry pilot
Free as a bird in the clouds
Uh oh, late again!

Disillusioned boy
Older than his years suggest
At last has a home

High in your tower
Watching over the city
Yet always business

Orange hairy ape
Always leading the party
Having fun all day

Becky Cunningham
Practical business lady
With a warm, soft heart

Try to guess which episodes, though, 'cuz I ain't tellin'! (Okay, some are pretty easy to guess, others not quite so much so.)

To save Cape Suzette
He sacrified all at once
Then gained even more

Hopelessly flirting
Covered in guacamole
Who needs real Martians?

Metal barrels ooze
Now they are stuck together
Murder or a truce?

Spot a pretty face
All logic out the window
AAH! Giant beetles!

Short, insecure cat
Call him Dougie and you die
Plotting against Louie

Return to darkness
Pretend betrayal hurts deep
To save his true friends

The lone intellect
Surrounded by idiots
What's a guy to do?

Aunt Louise is here
She just loves men with accents
Run, scream, hide or flee!

Oversized airplane
Full of total snobs
Humbled by pilot

Furry gray pilot
says "Ya got that right!"
Ends up with pickles

A pair of foxes
Refined and educated
But real crooks within

Two bears torn apart.
"You can't tell me what to do!"
"You're not my dad!" Silence.

Non-TS Haiku

Spam is pink and soft
Put it in the microwave
Eat it nice and hot

AAH, run for your life!
It's a killer space emu
Coming to eat us!

The world is online
Are you connected?

Hello, e-mail friend.
Only a name on the screen.
Who are you, really?


Tale Spin and all related characters, indica, etc, are (c) Disney, used w/o permission for non-profit entertainment only.  Haiku are all by Scarlet and may not be posted elsewhere on the Web without permission.