220 (Infrequently) Questions About TaleSpin

A humor piece created by Joe with help from Katarina, Bearcat, Gidget, Minx, Jeff, Lisette and Scarlet
on the High Flight Comment Board
July & August 2000

NOTE:  This is rated PG-13 for off-color jokes, drug references and overall evilness.  >:-)

It all started with a half-hearted attempt to create a real TSFAQ...
(Questions by Scarlet, answers by Joe...)

1. What if Kit was a girl?

***Baloo would have an entirely different talk with him when reaching puberty...

2. Where are Kit's biological parents?

***I'd tell you, but the government won't let me  :)

3. Where is Molly's father?

***He works on a garbage barge in another city. Its why Rebecca left. He smells icky   :b

4. What the @(#*$& is Wildcat ON???

***We'll never know for sure, but the guesses are kind of limited, so just pick your choice:)

The rest of the questions are by Joe:

5) Why was Dunder in the military?? He seems too passive the sort...

6) Who was Molly's father, and is he alive?? Did he have an unsatiable appetite for ice cream?

7) Are Maddog and Dumptruck more than "just friends"?? (believe it or not, Im not the one who came up with that theory...)

8) What's up with Becky's hair??:D

9) What's up with Kit's magic pocket? Is he part marsupial? Are his pants just colored the same as his fur?? Do you think about these things late at night when you should be asleep and passed out from boredom like a normal person???

10) Why were the Jungle Aces introduced when Kit was obviously so much more mature than they were?? (Ill answer this with my own fic...never mind...)

11) What *is* a chock? Can I find one at my local department store??

12) Why was Thembria such an ice land year round when the country it's supposed to be spoofing actually has a more temperate clime during the summer and isn't covered with ice year round?? Were the animators lazy or is this another example of our education's lack of geography curriculum??

13) Does Shere Khan have any hobbies??

14) Does Shere Khan ever consider it's kind of weird that he keeps running into the same flight crew over and over and over again?? I mean it's a big city!

15) Was Cape Suzette ever inhabited by monsters?

16) Are you wondering why that last question got included in this list?

17) Where do the pirates, apart from the cost spent on maintaining the Vulture, spend their loot? Why can't they get better clothes? Does Karnage not want any competition there?

18) Hi.

19) How old are the characters?

20) Does Talespin have an Alternaverse? If so, what is it like? Are there Evil counterparts, Good counterparts?? Do they like planes there? How bout llamas?? Toenail clippers? Breakfast pastries? Buddhist and Gregorian chants? Walks on the beach? Or is Cape Suzette not so touristy there???

21) Did Kit ever complain about his nickname Lil' Britches?

22) Is is true that in the original concept of the show, Baloo was a lazy, irresponsible goofoff?? (look of shock)

23) Did Karnage have fur problems??

24) Why the name Sea Duck???
A: Its a seaplane, moron.

25) Does the world of Talespin have a lower gravity percentage on the planet it's set on and that's what makes possible Kit airsurfing with ease, as well as the hugely proportioned cargos that the Sea Duck can haul behind her on ropes?

26) Have you truly never given a single thought to that last question?

27) What is Rick Sky's favorite color? Why? What did he do after "Bygones" Those planes were pretty old. And did he age later like Mel Gibson did in "Forever Young"?? I mean he was frozen cryogenically. Im just askin...

28) What were some of Talespin's influences if any??

29) Was one of them Star Trek??? PLEASE SAY YES!!!!

30) Did Tinabula get its name from Tin, or did people just nab trinkets there??

31) Is that Katie Dodd's real hair color?

32) Why did the sun set in different directions? Maybe their planet has a different kind of rotation than ours??

33) I know, I know...get off the sci fi kick, already...

34) Where did Kit's second airfoil come from? Made it at home? If so, he should write a book. Make some dough...

35) Where did Shere Khan buy his ties?

36) How bout his furniture? Was it discount?

37) Those plants were cool, too, huh? Any relation to Seymour's pet in "Little Shop of Horrors"?? Have you never made that connection?? Glad you didn't??

38) What on earth made you read this far?

39) How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck was a character on Talespin?

40) What did Louie do before he owned a bar?

41) Why doesn't Baloo ever lose any weight if he's carrying heavy crates every day? Has his health improved since he started working for Becky?

42) They use farm animals on Talespin. Pigs, horses, etc. Does this appear odd to you?

43) Does Plane Jane ever remind you of that short blonde chick from HBO's "Dream On"?

44) Is Rebecca's maiden name Cunningham? I want to know so I can loot her bank account...

45) Why didn't Karnage retry his plan to camoflauge the Iron Vulture during accompanying weather?

46) Does Gibber look like a bumb to anyone else?

47) Does Gibber look like an alien abductee to anyone else?

48) Did the Pandas from "Last Horizons" make you feel uncomfortable due to the fact that PC has been crammed into your head since you were a kid?

49) Is Myra Foxworthy any relation to Jeff?

50) Why did they have a national park just adjacent to a tribe of people who will take outsiders and put them in a big pot?

51) Do you ever laugh at the name "Wang Ho"?

52) Does Bobbo remind anyone else of Kyle's little adopeted brother from South Park??

53) Was Ace London ever a pet detective?

54) Are you getting sick of the name gag?

55) Do you believe Kit had any Native American influences when he created his name, or was it the name given to him?

56) Why was that one dude afraid of strawberries? Was he allergic?

57) Do you think that Baloo should have wished for something cool like getting his plane back before wishing the idol of doom would expire? Do you take this as a sign that he's hopefully bound to Becky??

58) Why on earth didn't Kit scream and shout for someone to help him in that suit of armor?? Did it smell good? Bad? Does anyone think that scene was way too convenient?

59) Throgmorton had the same voice as Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh... I dont have a question here, really...

60) Whatever happened to that stamped envelope at the end of "Your Baloo's in the Mail"?

61) Did Una have any relation to that Dijon guy from Ducktales?

62) Didnt she ever clean her place?? It looked grody. Then again, she had chickens...

63) Did you see Chicken Run? It was funny...

64) Is the rumor true that Molly was obsessive compulsive when it came to trying to be the cutest girl on the planet?

65) Did Aunt Louise go the same place as Wildcat for recreational purposes?

66) Did Wildcat have imaginary friends? If so, what were their names?

67) Did Kit ever "walk in" on Baloo and Becky? If so, how loud was he screaming?

68) Ow! Stop slapping me!

69) Heh heh...69...heh heh...

70) Would you like to see Mowgli as a character on TS...most preferably as some sort of ritual sacrifice??

71) What would happen if a TS character drank Gummiberry juice?

72) Was Spigot ever mocked and therefore horribly warped as a child?

73) Wouldn't Spigot make a great match with the principal Ms. Wu from Daria?

74) Can you not believe I just asked that question?

75) Do you think I need therapy?

76) Would you like to see Louie overdosed on anchovies just so you can see all sorts of funky colors on the screen?

77) Hey, just imagine if he and Wildcat had been busy that day...it couldve been waaaaay worse...

78) Was Wildcat ever raised by actual wild cats?? Like out in the woods?

79) Was Wildcat ever involved in any anti-governmental activities and he's just playing dumb because he's laying low for a while??

80) How low can you go?

81) Why do birds sing now?

82) Were there any characters on the show that led double lives as masked avengers? Or door-to-door kitchen ware salesmen? Or movie bootleggers?

83) Did Kit just find that bike he rode or was it a gift? Or did he procure it....some other less legal way?

84) Was Douggie Benson a Jehovah's Witness?

85) Was that robot from "From Here to Machinery" an extra from The Jetsons? Do you remember Rosie's robot boyfriend? Weren't they similar? You don't care, do you?

86) Don't you like the loudspeakers they always show? Couldn't Higher for Hire use one of those?

87) Was Molly ever haunted by poltergeists in her closet?

88) That would be cool.

89) Have you ever wanted to spit off the top of Khan Tower?

90) Does Khan ever do that? Ya know, just for kicks?

91) What would happen if alien colonists decided to kidnap the Iron Vulture? Do you think the pirates could have better adventures if they were on a spaceship hurtling through some distant quadrant of the galaxy? Ive seen Voyager too much, havent I?

92) Doesn't Oscar Vandersnoot seem like a future mental case waiting to happen? Can't you picture him starting a band, getting tattoos and ignoring his mother and the world in general as he surrounds himself with everything dystopian he can manage to come up with?

93) That last one was really stretching, wasn't it?

94) Do you want to yell "El Muchacho Rocketeer!" every time you see the Bullethead ep?

95) Do you laugh like a sicko whenever you hear the word "Bullethead"?

96) Meow.

97) Just seeing if you're paying attention :)

98) Isn't Shere Khan more of an enigma than a villain, per se?

99) Do you ever wish you could have your own treehouse? So you could throw things at Ernie and his friends?

100) Did Wildcat come up with the name "Higher for Hire" and gave credit to Becky?

101) Wasn't 101 Dalmations the suckiest show? Do you wish it would dry up and die?!

102) Do you ever wonder how cool it would be if there were lots of helicopters in the TS world? Just because?

103) Did Baloo have a gambling problem?

104) Intimacy issues?

105) Where'd he get that hat? I want one!

106) Kit and Baloo were surprised to see an ad with their pictures in a magazine that Becky paid for. Wouldnt it have been just easier to ask them to pose for one rather than spend it on a superimposed and/or rebrushed photo? Huh? Wouldn't it???

107) Why in the world didn't Kit ever get commended for his landings, both in FSC and Baloo Switcheroo? I mean c'mon! Commend him on something here, people! Throw me a frikkin bone, here!

108) Do you wish Oscar was in "Last Horizons" only so he could have been blown up on one of the pagodas?

109) Is Karnage into collars? Heh heh...

110) Was it weird to see that talking horse in "Citizen Khan"? Did it remind you of C.S. Lewis for some reason?

111) Did Kit get his compass from the same place as his bike?

112) You know that whosi-whatsit dealy thingy? The thing in that episode? What was that for?

113) Why didn't Barney just fall and drown? That would have been worth watching repeatedly...

114) Doesn't he remind you for your grandmother's second husband that never liked you, but you don't care, because they got seperated anyway? No? I guess that's just me then...

115) What's the deal with the Thembrian flag? Black and white...is that like symbolic? Or were the animators bored?

116) Can you see the characters as Star Trek ones?

117) Am I obsessed with Star Trek?

118) Well Im not going to stop mentioning it, so shut up.

119) Why are Ankara (sp?) purple? Relation to Barney? Can they please kill him for me?

120) I like peanut butter.

121. Why didn't Becky ever start a hedge-clipping business with the SeaDuck? Baloo's so good at that…

122. What species was Ms. Snarly? Una?

123. Why is Muffy Vandershmeer bald?

124. Was the High Marshall's wife ever involved in the Olympics? As a Girl Scout troop leader? One-time cafeteria woman??

125. Where does the name "googleshlocker" come from?

126. What would be your definition of that word? What does it sound like to you?

127. Why is Cape Suzette's flag a field of yellow?

128. What to you think Ernie will be when he grows up?

129. How was it possible that Kit kept his airfoil in his sweater? Is it like Wacko Warner's grabby bag?? What else is in there?? Are there pockets on the inside? Kit seems to have a lot of those…

130. Was Heimlich Menudo related at all to the band Menudo?

131. Do you think the words "Jumping the Guns" sounds dirty at all? Or at the very least an episode of The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.??

132. You know that little tiger that worked for Khan? Did he have a name? What was his job?

133. You know that baby that Kit saved?? Was it just me or was that one UGLY-ass baby??? Like that Seinfeld episode where they have to pretend that that one couple's baby isn't totally hideous…

134. Why was the Iron Vulture purple and yellow? Who decided upon those colors?

135. Was Gibber an alcoholic?

136. Has anyone else ever noticed the letters from "Don Karnage" can spell out "rage" , "dork", and "nag"? For history buffs: "Aragon", and for you DS9 fans out there: "Garak"!

A dragon ken
A dank Negro
No, a darn keg
Andrea Kong
Knead Argon
Gone ad rank
Naked groan
Naked organ(!!!)
No dang rake
One dang ark
Dragon Kane
Grand oaken
Dan orange
No dank rage on
And ego rank
Drank an ego
Go darn Kane
Karen an' God
End rank ago

Some others I found...

Its plane(how appropiate!)
Plane sit
A pen slit
A nest lip
A pelt sin
A slept in
A lens tip
A lens pit
A ten lisp
Lean spit
Lane spit
Is planet
It's Nepal
Its panel
It Naples
Staple in
Sale pint
Teal snip
Aspen 'til
Lain pest
Slain pet (!)
Lap stein
Lap inset
Last pine
Snap tile
Spa inlet
Spat Nile
Past Nile
I tap lens

Mach gin nun
Mach Gnu Inn or Mach Gun Inn
Gunman inch
Gunman chin
Man inch gnu

A lip read isn't
A denial strip
A Ireland spit
A despair link
I a slander pit
A pedal in stir
In a drape slit
I spread a lint
A rapid tinsel
It a lard penis (!)
Is a lard inept?
In a plaster ID
A red snail pit

137. Do Kit and organized team sports simply do not mix or is it just me?

138. Does Shere Khan like Frosted Flakes? Who's on the cover of Frosted Flakes in the TS universe?? If it's a tiger, is he a real life spokesperson there?

139. Does M.E.L. the robot stand for MEdiocre Leftover Character??

140. When you see Dr. Axelottle (the lizard dude in Bullethead Baloo) do youthyink of that song: "They're coming to take me away, ha ha/ They're coming to take me away, ha ha/ to the funny farm!/"??

141. What language are the horse riders speaking in "For Whom the Bell Klangs"?

142. If any of the characters was gay, who do YOU think it would be?

143. When you hear the words "ruby wings" do you think of TS or a dinner platter?

144. What song titles do you think of when you see the following characters? I've provided an example of the ones I came up with.
Becky: "Money, That's What I Want"
Karnage: "Hungry Like the Wolf"
Louie: "Loser" (by Beck)
Wildcat: That one Beach Boys song…"This is the worst trip/I've ever been on…"
Dunder and Spigot: "Forever Blue"
Kit: "Perfection" (an obscure old song…I looked it up to see if it was actually a song title;)
Aunt Louise: "Addicted to Love"

Karnage...La Bamba ("Soy capitan, soy capitan...")
Baloo...that one about the "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer"
Rebecca...(with a B&B slant) "Wind Beneath my Wings"
Kit..."The Barney Song" [Scarlet is immediately buried under a mountain of bricks. A muffled voice is heard..."KIDDING!" :-)
Kitten Kaboodle..."Material Girl" or "Perfect isn't easy" from Oliver & Co.
Wildcat...something by Bob Dillon

Karnage: "My Way"
Louie: "Tequila" or possibly that Spanish Flea song..
Wildcat: "Just Dropped In" by Kenny Loggins
Kit: "ABC!" (I can just picture him very easily as a young Michael Jackson!)
Baloo: "The Baby Elephant"

Louie:  I Wanna Be Like You. Naturally.
Wildcat: *thinks* "Draggin' the Line."
Dunder and Spigot:  Song of the Volga Boatmen or whatever it's called.
Kit: Anything from Top Gun.

Louie: "Louie Louie" of course!
Wildcat: "Truckin'" by the Grateful Dead ("What a long strange trip it's been...")
Baloo: "Fat" by Weird Al (ducks bricks)
Kit: "Learning to Fly" by Pink Floyd
(Seriously here. "The sole intention/learning to fly/condition grounded but determined to try/can't keep my eyes from the circling skies/tongue-tied and twisted/just an earth-bound misfit, I" Appropriate, yes-no?)

Becky: "Money, Money"
Karnage: "Little Red Riding Hood"(hey, who remembers that song? huh? huh?)
Louie: "What's Love Got to Do With It?"
Wildcat: "There Are No Bananas In The Sky"
Dunder and Spigot: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" or ...your song
Kit: "Greased Lightning"

145. Do you think Kit looked stupid in that "pirate" outfit in Captains Courageous when trying to help Oscar?

146. There are lots of explosions in TS, but no fatalities. Why?

147. What was Khan's energy stone made out of, anyway?

148. What does Khan do in his spare time? Any extra-curricular activities?

149. Do you think of TS every time you see John on Ally McBeal say "Bygones"??

150. Does anyone else think of the following characters as annoying? If so, describe what you'd like to see happen to them. You can add to the list of char's:)
Barney Kill him
Jack Case (that annoying rabbit) Kill him
Trader Moe Send him to dental school. Just because.
The Goons Kill them
Oscar Vandersnoot Military school
Ignatz Power lines incident
Throgmorton's granddaughter: Put the spoiled brat in Gidget's fair and make her scoop horse doo.
Hal: Same chore
Spigot: Can you say restraining order??!
Hacksaw: Let some mad scientist claim him as an assistant

SCARLET:   Barney: Lock him in that @#$(*%& phone booth until he starves to death or runs out of air.
Spigot: Have Baloo sit on him until he suffocates.
Trader Moe: Three words: Alligator skin boots!
His goons: Drop off a cliff.
Throgmorton's granddaughter: Lock her an elevator until she starves.
Muffy and Buffy: Just put duct tape over their mouths. :-)

STARFLASH:  Ignatz - KFC delivery!
Hal - I just want him to die horribly
Trader Moe - Step on him.
Throgmorton's Grandaughter - lock her an Pistol in the same room and just let them go.
Molly - Collander accident.

GIDGET:     Dr. Axelotte (Terminator got him)

Ignatz: Stuffed, with crackers, and used in a Monty Python "Dead Parrot" sketch so I can laugh my head off when he gets beat up on the counter like that...

Barney - meets his untimely demise when he meets a purple dinosaur (note: not killed by dinosaur, kills himself to escape the horror)
Trader Moe - cement shoes
The Goons - donate them to science
Oscar Vandersnoot - push him over a cliff
Ignatz - nail him to his perch! An ex-parrot!
Dumptruck - strangle him, then force feed him french fries until he explodes!

151. Does Kitten Kaboodle have an eating disorder? Any movie of the week diseases?

152. Why did Kit name his friend/pet whale "Dimple"?

153. The monster in "It Came From Beneath the Sea Duck" was in actuality an octopus, because it had no real squid-like features. Was this merely Baloo's ignorance or the animators??

154. Where did Karnage get that ear nick?? Piercing accident??

155. Where are you Going? Where Have You Been?

156. Where did the H4H crew get their gangster type clothes in "Bringing Down Baby-Face"?? And why was Kit in yellow? Isn't that a little too Dick Tracy?

157. Did you think Owl Capone wasn't threatening at all, either for his height or the fact he looked like the completely un-criminal character of Owl from Winnie-the-Pooh?

158. Isn't it weird how the Pandas said they'd conquered other cities before, but no one in Cape Suzette had ever heard of this phenomenon?? I know communication wasn't as fast back then, but I think they would have heard about giant floating buildings attacking.

159. Doesn't that sound like a FOX special?? When Giant Floating Buildings Attack!!!

160. O'Rorick sounds pretty much like "Lucky" from the Bonkers series voice-wise. A) Isn't it ironic that a character with that name has to work with Bonkers and B) Wouldn't you rather see O'Roricks work with Bonkers ie trying to kill him in some sort of hunt? Wouldn't that just be better for everyone??

161. What created the tar in the lake the Sea Duck landed and got stuck in, in "The Idol Rich"??

162. What was Kit doing out so late the night he got punched in the face in the same episode??

163. Do you get the feeling Douggie Benson has that whole psychotic would be Batman villain mentality going for him?? All he needs is a horribly disfiguring accident…

164. Where do you think Wildcat is from?? Great Ganja-land maybe??

165. Do you think I'm a heretic for making Wildcat jokes??

166. Is Brooke Shields not the most boring, talentless actress on the face of the earth? (not that she's a real actress, mind you…)

167. Am I the only one that didn't like elephants to be anthropomorphized on the show? Too Richard Scarry, maybe?? Or maybe it's just that the connotation of "elephant man" is disturbing enough… What was the Elephant Man like in the TS world…human face???

168. I know, I have a sick mind.

169. What do they keep in zoos in the TS world? It would be surreal to see a lion zookeeper feeding the lions…(they had regular lions, too, remember??)

170. Was anyone else disappointed not to see Becky frolicking on the beach with Baloo in the surf in "From Here to Machinery" since the title is a pun off of "From Here to Eternity"??

171. Yeah, that mental image would probably scar me too, come to think of it…

172. Does Whistlestop Jackson ever remind you of some sort of pseudo-philosophical Kurt Vonnegut character epitomizing how the progression of techonology creates an environment where people become labeled as outdated for their society??

173. You know that two month old burger that Baloo ate in P&L?? Wouldn't that make him sick??

174. You know that kangaroo chick in Titan A.E.?? Wasn't she cool? Wouldn't she make a great TS character??

175. Were those worms in "Double or Nothing" creepy to anyone else? It didn't seem TS-like to me. (shrugs) They always made me cringe. It's like anthropomorphizing our bait. Yuck.

176. What is the ceiling of the Sea Duck?

177. I meant how high an altitude can it fly??

177. [Yes, again! You want to do through and re-number them???]
Did you just want to mangle and cause large amounts of bodily pain to the louts who laughed at Molly in "A Molly Jolly Christmas??"

178. What did the other pilots do after being freed from Howard Huge's prison??

179. Do you feel uncomfortable with the fact they named that one pilot Amelia Airhead?? Seems kind of sexist and/or disrespectful to Aerhart. I mean, I'm all for being disrespectful to people who deserve it, but her?? Or maybe it was just something the animators didn't even think about. Probably…

180. Why the heck did the Thembrians regard the Golden Sprocket of Friendship with such high regard? What did they do with it before sending Spigot out with it? Do they have others, because the word "the" seems to convey there aren't.

181. Does Merkle Pass make you think of Urkel's cousin?? Are you getting traumatic flashbacks right about now?? Note: I never really watched that show, but I caught it a few times. It was like a vortex of stupidity and it lasted forever, so there ya go.

182. Did anyone sue when Kit was throwing muffins every which way?? Those things were major projectiles! I'd hate to be a skateboarder in that town. I know they didn't have skateboards back then. I'm just sayin'.

183. Have you ever listened to Metallica music during "Flight of the Snow Duck"?? Isn't it trippy??

184. Have you ever played heavy metal music over Winnie-the-Pooh?? Oh, you simply must…

185. Does Captain Stansbury remind anyone else of the captain of the Titanic?

186. Wouldn't Savage Garden's "The Animal Song" make a kick ass theme song if TS came around for a second season??

187. Would you ever eat anything Louie made? I wouldn't. :b

188. What does the word Thembria make you think of? Giant ants?? Or maybe that's Them!bria.

189. Hey, aren't you glad the Sea Duck's name isn't See The Duck or Sea Teal Duck, because then it's initials would be, well you know…

190. Does Shere Khan seem similar to Gendo Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion to anyone else??

191. Where did the ancient Tinabulans really go?

192. Does anyone laugh at the Banana Woogie Boogie song because it's just so bad? Does anyone else laugh at the song "The purpose of a man/is to love a woman/ and the purpose of a woman is to/ love a man/"??

193. Hi :D Glad you're still reading this.

194. Hey, has anyone seen those alter ego images they show at the end of Daria episodes? What would you do to the TS characters if you could have them pose in any twisted costume you could possibly think of?? My choices are as follows:
Dr. Zibaldo: Dr. Forrester from MST3K
Wildcat: upside-down magician in a tank full of water and a straightjacket
Kit: as Ash from Army of Darkness holding up a chainsaw…(I don't know why I have this image in my head, do don't ask)
Baloo: as a not so happy movie usher tearing up tickets and looking up rolling his eyes with a "why me?" expression
Becky and Baloo: playing William Tell, only Baloo is incredibly nervous and Becky is aiming for the mango on his head with bow and arrow
Karnage: as Buckingham Palace guard (with the big black foompy hat)
Becky: as Delenn from Babylon 5
Maddog: karate expert
Shere Khan: in lotus position, with total hippy clothing including strings of bead necklaces and a long open paisley vest
Kitten Kaboodle: some sort of giant squid with her face on the head
Douggie Benson: as Richard Nixon holding up two fingers
Louie: in white suit and sunglasses sitting in a sedan chair like Marlon Brando in the weird ass film "The Island of Dr. Moreau"
Buzz: as Doc Brown stepping out of a Delorean
Molly: steering the Titanic into an iceburg with a captains hat on.
Felipe and Scarlet Karnage: those hyperactive cheerleaders from SNL (holding up pom-poms)

STARFLASH:  Karnage - Chippendales guy! Yeah!
Baloo - in a sailor suit. Don't know why.
Kit - one of the rascals
Molly - one of the olson twins.
Becky - ball-busting CEO
Mad Dog and Dumptruck - Laurel and Hardy
Louie - Sam from ‘Cheers'
Shere Khan - Phantom of the Opera
Kitten Kaboodle - in front of microphone stand breaking down ala Barabara Streisand


Felipe and Scarlet Karnage: those hyperactive cheerleaders from SNL (holding up pom-poms)
No! I hate them! ARRRRRRG!!!
Now, for my own examples...
Mad Dog and Dumptruck as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from Alice in Wonderland, and Wildcat as that drugged caterpillar.
Becky as Wonder Woman
Molly in a suit, in Khan's chair
Scarlet, Don Karnage and the kids in Lost in Space outfits
Khan dressed like Scrooge McDuck
Louie in a fast-food drive thru [Kat runs away, screaming]
Dumptruck dancing ballet >:-)
Becky and Molly as Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon [ducks bricks] Hey, both Chibi Usa/Rini and Molly are sickeningly cute!
Rebecca as Evita
Karnage trying to blow down the 3 little pigs' brick house
Baloo golfing (just because)
Wildcat as a judge
Kit surfing...on the ocean (novel concept! :-o
Molly in guerilla combat gear
Khan selling lemonade at a roadside stand
Mad Dog as a cop
Ratchet as Mr. Wizard
Baloo sweatin' to the oldies
Rebecca bungee jumping
Kit in Spigot's uniform
Molly as a Tellitubble (sp?)
Wildcat as a Man in Black

-Becky in a harem costume, feeding sultan Baloo grapes
-High Marshall's wife as Nurse Ratched
-Baloo as Snow White
-Kitten Kaboodle pregnant
-Kitten Kaboodle's mole falls off
-Owl Capone as Travis Bickle
-Baloo as Una Thurman in Pulp Fiction during the dance contest

I don’t know about twisted costumes, but here are some of the TaleSpin characters in Star Wars roles:
Baloo: Han Solo
Kit: Luke Skywalker
Rebecca: Princess Leia
Wildcat: Chewbacca
Louie: Lando Calrissian
Shere Khan: Darth Vader
Thadeos E. Klang: The Emperor (or would he and Khan be better in each others’ roles?)
Don Karnage: Boba Fett (the panic-provoking bounty hunter)
Howard Huge: Jabba the Hutt
Joe McGee: Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi (as a ghost, too)
Barney O’Turret: Yoda (at 900 years old, he’s seen everything “done a million times!” :-)
Buzz: C-3P0 (in robot costume from “Bullethead Baloo”)
Molly: R2-D2 (complete with ‘Danger Woman’ domed helmet)

Dr. Zibaldo: Megavolt. It's Dan, people!!
Wildcat: A college professor.
Kit: *giggle* Just as a poke at the board I HAVE to say this. As a girl.
Baloo: A 20s style bartender.
Becky and Baloo: Waitress and Diner short-order cook.
Karnage: Oooh the possibilites! *thinks* He and DW have the same ego - maybe they could switch costumes.
Becky: A hippie, or a french maid
Maddog: Krusty the Clown. Don't ask.
Shere Khan: Frollo! Frollo Frollo Frollo!!!
Kitten Kaboodle: bag lady
Douggie Benson: The Riddler
Louie: Zoot suit
Buzz: I like that Doc Brown one. But I'll go with my own obscure ref - Dr. Feistus.
Molly: Gosalyn. Or Sunni Gummi.
Sel and Bryn: Thelma and Louise!!! =D

Becky - Street walker
Shere Khan - Dr. Frank N Furter from RHPS
Mad Dog - Professional bowler
Molly - Navy seal
Kit - Bunny suit, just because
Dumptruck - fast food employee, looking very unhappy to be scooping up fries under the sweltering heat of the heat lamps
Baloo - Body builder
Don Karnage & Scarlet - Ricky Ricardo & Lucy
Wildcat - Pimp
Gibber - put his head on a swimsuit model's body

195. Was Louie's B.O. the reason vultures didn't pick he and Baloo apart the several times they were wandering around in some desert??

196. If you gave a panda a black eye, would it show?

197. Did you want really, really badly for Baloo and Kit to find the characters from the Ducktales premier when they went to the Andes like atmosphere of the episode where Baloo becomes the "Great Llama"?
Baloo: C'mon, alls I want is a hot dog!!
Extras: No gold sun! No gold sun!

198. Is Una a psychic friend? A psychic acquaintance??

199. Where can I get a giant scarab beetle?! I want one for door to door salesmen and Scientologists (aka the Church of Our Overlords in Space…)

200. Is Khan a secret member of the Illuminati?

201. Are all those panthers clones?? Maybe some secret project ahead of its time??

202. Why didn't they use the observation tower more often? That thing was cool. I'd like one just like it if I ever buy a business…

203. Didn't the Ankara look like a drug dream?? Or something Louis Carroll came up with?? (same thing…) And how did they fly with such small wings??

204. Do you ever think of TS when your laundry is on spin cycle?

205. If you could be trapped in an elevator with any TS character, who would it be?

206. How about a desert island?

207. Supermarket?? Mall??

208. In "It's a Wonderful Life" every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings. So what do pilots get?? What did Joe McGee get?? More wings??

209. Was Joe McGee any relation to Bobby? Do you get that reference at all?

210. Why didn't Trader Moe ever get rid of his goons?? I know there was a comic about this, but he took them back at the end of that. There have to be more competent moron thugs out in the world.

211. Would you like to see a series of storylines where disasters happen in Cape Suzette?? Like a volcano erupting? Earthquake? Toy store riot? Or do those sound not so great?

212. Does El Nino exist in the TS universe?

213. How about mimes?

214. Did Wildcat relate to dinosaurs because he had about the brain of one??

215. Was Baloo's last name spelled "Bear" or possibly "Bare"??

216. Did Hansy and Helga remind you of the movie "Heathers"?? Did Kitten Kaboodle remind you of that film too??

217. Was Trader Moe a Pygmy?

218. Did he ever shop for groceries at Trader Joe's? That's a real life supermarket chain, by the way;)

219. Is Pirate Island volcanic or not? When you hear the initials PI do you think of Pirate Island or that show of Bill Mahr's??

220. If you could have your choice of punching any character from the show in the face, who would it be?


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