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Despite the obvious bias toward Karnage in my site, I really do like the protagonists of the series, as well!  And here's a smallish collection of art to prove it!  :)

mournreb-thumb.jpg (2266 bytes) Although it was never stated in the show, most fans (and, reportedly, the original Tale Spin Bible given to the show's writers), say that Rebecca Cunningham is a widow. This is melancholy picture of Rebecca with a very small Molly, thinking of her lost love.
tedwillkillme-thumb.jpg (2028 bytes) Run for your lives! It's Superpukeykyootified Kit Cloudkicker! Aaah!


"Why Baloo and Rebecca
Would Never Work as a Couple"

Now, don't get me wrong, here.  I am generally in favor of a Baloo/Rebecca romance.  I'm a hopeless romantic at heart.  But there are numerous (and humorous) reasons why I am skeptical it would ever work out. (B&B-ers have to see the Baloo Lagoon website.)

tsdate-thumb.jpg (3072 bytes)
#1: A Romantic Evening together
samedress-thumb.jpg (2284 bytes)
#2: A pic that's more than a little disturbing. ;-)
hammock-thumb.jpg (2448 bytes)
#3: a reference to the episode "Bullethead Baloo"
financial-thumb.jpg (2231 bytes)
#4: It always boils down to money, doesn't it?
tooshort-thumb.jpg (2494 bytes)
#5: A matter of elevation
bbcap-thumb.jpg (2217 bytes)
#6: "Aw, didn't I learn ya?"



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