Martin the Warrior

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Martin the Warrior covers / extra information



AGGRIL. Ancient, grey male hedgehog. Wears square spectacles and carries a walking stick. Very tempramental and protective. Lives in a hollow oak north of Noonvale near a cherry grove. Brews cordial. (MW)


ALDER, FRIAR. Thin mouse of Redwall. Went into semi-retirement as assistant to Friar Cockleburr. (MR, MW)


AMBALLA, QUEEN. Plump female pygmy shrew. Wears golden pantaloons and a light blue cloak. Head of the tribe "Highbeast." Widowed when her husband was killed by a gannet. Mother of Dinjer. (MW)

ARYAH. Mouse of Noonvale. Wife of Urran Voh, mother of Rose and Brome, great-grandmother of Aubretia. Excellent cook. (MW)

AUBRETIA. Mousemaid of Noonvale. Brome's granddaughter. A healer. (MW)


BADRANG THE TYRANT. Stoat corsair. Old acquaintance of Tramun Clogg. Wears a black cloak. Ruler of Marshank. Killed Rose. Wounded by Felldoh, killed by Martin the Warrior. (MW)

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BAGG. Mischievous Dibbun otter of Redwall. Twin brother of Runn. (MR, MW)

BALLAW DeQUINCEWOLD. Male hare performer. Co-founder of the Rambling Rosehip Players. Fur and Freedom Fighter. (MW)

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BARKJON. Old male squirrel. Father of Felldoh. Slave from Marshank. (MW)

BLUDDNOSE. Searat in Clogg's crew. Killed in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)

BLUEHIDE. Ferret in Badrang's horde. Once lived in the extreme north. Killed in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)

BOGGS. Ferret. Lookout on the Seascarab, then in Badrang's horde. Excellent vision. Killed in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)

BOLDRED. Short-eared brown owl. Wife of Horty, mother of Emalet. Mapmaker and historian. (MW)

BROME. Mouse from Noonvale. Son of Urran Voh and Aryah, younger brother of Rose, grandfather of Aubretia. Loud voice. Briefly a slave in Marshank. Pretended to be a searat named Bucktail to infiltrate Marshank. Became a healer. (MW)

BUCKLER. Young male mole in the Rambling Rosehip Players. (MW)

BUCKTAIL. (See Brome.)

BUGPAW. Weasel tracker in Badrang's horde. Sucked under in a swamp. (MW)

BULTIP. Strong male hedgehog. Traveling comapanion of Aubretia. From Noonvale. Descendant of Pallum. (MW)

BUNGO. Infant mole in Noonvale. Nephew of Grumm. (MW)

BURNET MIRDROP. Male rabbit. Twin of Buttercup, son of Fescue and Mildwort. Lives north of Noonvale. (MW)

BURRWEN. Hedgehog goodwife. Slave in Marshank. (MW)

BUTTERCUP MIRDROP. Rabbit. Twin of Burnet. Child of Fescue and Mildrop. Lives north of Noonvale. (MW)


CELANDINE. Young female squirrel. Hopeless flurter. Vain. Member of the Rambling Rosehip Players. (MW)


CLOGG. (See Tramun Josiah Cuttlefish Clogg.)

COCKLEBURR. Redwall hedgehog. Assistant to Alder, became friar when Alder retired. (MR, MW)

COUNCIL LODGE. Dining hall in Noonvale. (MW)

CRABLEG. Searat in Clogg's crew. Killed by Ballaw and Felldoh. (MW)

CROSSTOOTH. Cosair fox in Clogg's crew. Wears purple bandanas. Killed by Amballa. (MW)


DEDJAW. Corsair in Clogg's crew. (MW)

DINJER. Infant pygmy shrew. Only son of Amballa. Misbehaved. Father killed by a gannet. Saved from a gannet by Martin the Warrior. (MW)


DIPPER. Little bird who helped Martin, Rose, Grumm and Pallum escape from the cannibal lizards and find the mountain. (MW)

DRUBBER. Redwall mole. (MW)

DRUWP. Male bankvole slave. Traitor. Killed by Felldoh. (MW)

DURRY QUILL. Hedgehog cellarmaster of Redwall. Nephew of Gabriel Quill. Friend of Rufe Brush. (MR, BM, MW)


EMALET. Owl. Daughter of Horty and Boldred. (MW)


FELLDOH. Warrior squirrel. Son of Barkjon. Marshank prisoner since he was very young. Escaped with Martin and Brome. Swore a vendetta against Badrang. Killed by hordebeasts after paw-to-paw combat with Badrang. (MW)

FINDO. Weasel in Badrang's horde. Accidentally killed by the horde. (MW)

FLEABANE. Weasel in Badrang's horde. Accidentally killed by Badrang's horde. (MW)

FLINK. Weasel tracker in Badrang's horde. Sucked under in a swamp. (MW)

FLOATER. Weasel in Clogg's crew, then in Badrang's horde. Killed by Ballaw and Felldoh. (MW)

FLOBBEARS. Hare. Uncle of Ballaw. (MW)

FRAGGUN. Rat in Badrang's horde. Killed by Brome. (MW)

FROGBIT. Rat in Badrang's horde. Killed in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)

FUFFLE. Infant mouse. Son of Groot and Purslane. Slave in Marshank. (MW)

FUR AND FREEDOM FIGHTERS. Army organized to oppose Badrang. Made up of former Marshank slaves and the Rambling Rosehip Players. Has a green banner with a flying javelin severing a chain. (MW)


GABRIEL QUILL (GABE). Redwall hedgehog. Cellarmaster. Uncle of Durry. (MR, MW)

GAUCHEE. Mousemaid in the Rambling Rosehip Players. (MW)

GAWTRYBE. Tribe of barbaric squirrels north of Noonvale. Wear sashes and have feathers on their tails. (MW)

GEUM. Old mousewife. Slave in Marshank. Cantankerous. (MW)

GRITTER. Searat in Clogg's crew on the Seascarab. Kliled by Felldoh and Ballaw. (MW)

GROOT. Mouse. Husband of Purslane, father of Fuffle. Slave in Marshank. Fur and Freedom Fighter. (MW)

GROWCH. Steersrat of the Seascarab. Killed in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)

GRUBB. Male mole Dibbun of Redwall. (MR, MW)

GRUMM TRENCHER. Mole. Close friend of Rose. From Noonvale. Uncle of Bungo. Always has a small ladle in his belt. Makes good soup. (MW)

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GRUZZLE. Searat in Clogg's crew. (MW)

GULBA. Large female hedgehog leader near Noonvale. Wears tassels on her spikes. Uses a warclub. Wife of Trung. Ally of Starwort. (MW)

GUMBLER. Noonvale mole. (MW)

GURRAD. Rat in Marshank. Aide of Badrang. Killed by Oilback. (MW)


HIGHBEAST. Name of Amballa's tribe of pygmy shrews. (MW)

HILLGORSE. Male hedgehog slave in Marshank. Killed trying to escape. (MW)

HISK. Weasel Captain in Marshank. Accidentally killed by Badrang's horde. (MW)

HOOPOE. Very young male mouse slave in Marshank. Fur and Freedom Fighter. (MW)

HORTY (HORTWINGLE). Short-eared owl. Husband of Boldred, father of Emalet. Mapmaker and historian. (MW)

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JUNIPER. Male mouse. Slave in Marshank. Fur and Freedom Fighter. Killed by Badrang's horde. (MW)


KASTERN. Mousemaid in the Rambling Rosehip Players. (MW)

KEYLA. Young male otter. Slave in Marshank. Fur and Freedom Fighter. (MW)

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LUKE THE WARRIOR.  Mouse.  Father of Martin the Warrior.  Lived in a colony in caves in the far north.  Left to battle searats and was never seen again.  (MW, LL)

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LUMPBACK. Weasel in Badrang's horde. Wears just a kilt. Killed in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)


MARIGOLD. Otter. Wife of Starwort. (MW)

MARSHANK. Fortress of Badrang. Located in the north near the Eastern Sea. Conquered by the Fur and Freedom Fighters and their allies, abandoned. (MW)

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MARTIN THE WARRIOR. By Brian Jacques. 1994. The story of Martin's early life in the far north as he battles to defeat Badrang the Tyrant of Marshank.

MARTIN THE WARRIOR. Mouse. Son of Luke the Warrior. Mother killed by searats when he was an infant. After Luke’s death, taken as a slave by Badrang. Escaped, visited Noonvale, returned to liberate Marshank from Badrang. His love, Rose, died in the battle. He then travelled south to Mossflower and was imprisoned by Verdauga. He escaped with Gonff, then went questing with Gonff, Dinny and Log-a-Log to Salamandastron. Returned to Mossflower and liberated it, killing Tsarmina. He was severely wounded in the battle but survived. Then hung up his sword and led a life of peace, becoming Redwall Abbey’s co-founder with Abbess Germaine. He was buried in a tomb beneath the Abbey. His ghost sometimes appears in dreams and visions to offer advice to troubled Redwallers. (MW, MF, LL)


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MILDWORT MIRDROP. Rabbit. Lives north of Noonvale. Wife of Fescue, mother of Burnet and Buttercup. Snobby. (MW)

MIRDROP. Rabbit family name of Fescue. Also the name of the fake monster the rabbits use to scare travellers. (MW)

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OILBACK. Searat in Clogg's crew. Expert knife thrower. Died from drinking poison. (MW)


PALLUM. Male hedgehog. Prisoner/nursemaid of Amballa's shrews. Joined Martin the Warrior in the battle against Marshank. Ancestor of Bultip. (MW)

POLLEEKIN. Old female mole. Good cook. Lives in the trunk of a dead oak not far from Noonvale. Has the powers of a seer. (MW)


POPPY. Mouse. Aunt of Rose. (MW)

PURSLANE. Mouse. Wife of Groot, mother of Fuffle. Prisoner in Marshank. (MW)

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RAMBLING ROSEHIP PLAYERS. Traveling entertainment troupe of woodlanders. Founded by Ballaw and Rowanoak. (MW)

ROSE. Female mouse. Full name is Laterose. From Noonvale. Daughter of Urran Voh and Aryah. Close friend of Grumm. The only love of Martin the Warrior’s life. Talented singer. Killed by Badrang. (MW)

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ROTNOSE. Weasel in Badrang's horde. Superstitous. Killed by an arrow in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)

ROWANOAK. Female badger performer. Co-founder of the Rambling Rosehip Players. (MW)

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RUNN. Mischievous Dibbun otter of Redwall. Twin brother of Bagg. (MR, MW)


SAXTUS, ABBOT. Childhood friend of Dandin. Studious. Well-behaved as a Dibbun. (MR, BM, MW)


SEASCARAB. Tramun Clogg's ship. Green vessel with one mast. Burned by Badrang's horde. (MW)

SEAWEED GROG. Foul-tasting searat drink.

SIMEON. Blind mouse herbalist at Redwall. (MR, BM, MW)

SKALRAG. Fox in Marshank. Aide of Badrang. Killed by Badrang. (MW)

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SQUIDJEES. Baby pygmy shrews in Amballa's tribe. (MW)

STARWORT. Otter. Husband of Marigold. Captains the Waterlily. (MW)

STEWER. Fat otter cook. Starwort and Marigold's acquaintance. (MW)

STIFFEAR. Weasel in Badrang's horde. Killed by Clogg's corsairs. (MW)

STUMPTOOTH. Ferret in Badrang's horde. (MW)

SWORD OF MARTIN THE WARRIOR. Used to belong to Martin’s father, Luke. Stolen by Badrang, but recovered by Martin.


TAILWART. Ferret in Badrang's horde. Killed in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)

TEASELPAW. Hedgehog maid in Noonvale. (MW)

TIMBALLISTO. "T.B." Childhood friend of Martin the Warrior. Several seasons older than Martin. Left in charge of the tribe after Luke's death. Builds ballistas. Was an oar slave on the Bloodwake. Helped overthrow Kotir. (MF, MW, LL)

TRAMUN JOSIAH CUTTLEFISH CLOGG. Fat corsair stoat. Captain of the Seascarab. Old acquaintance of Badrang. Braided fur. Wears wooden clogs. Enslaved by Badrang after their alliance broke up. Driven insane by a blow to the head by Badrang. (MW)

TREFOIL. Young female squirrel in the Rambling Rosehip Players. (MW)

TRUNG. Small, fat hedgehog. Husband of Gulba. (MW)

TULLGREW. Female otter. Slave in Marshank. (MW)


URRAN VOH. Patriarch of Noonvale. Husband of Aryah, father of Rose and Brome, great-grandfather of Aubretia. Grey mouse with a beard. Wears a green robe. Values peace highly. (MW)

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WAKKA. Male squirrel. Leader of the Gawtrybe. (MW)

WARDEN OF MARSHWOOD HILL, THE. Male grey heron. Favorite saying: "I am the law!" (MW)

WATERLILY. Starwort's boat on the northern Broadstream. (MW)

WETPAW. Ferret in Clogg's crew. (MW)

WINDRED. Mouse. Martin the Warrior's maternal grandmother. Died in Badrang's enslavement. (LL, MW)

WULPP. Searat in Clogg's crew. Paw injured by Ballaw and Felldoh. Treated by Brome, who spared him in the final battle. The only beast of Marshank to survive the final battle. (MW)

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YARROW. Young male mouse slave in Marshank. Fur and Freedom Fighter. (MW)

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