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Mattimeo covers / extra information


AGNES, SISTER. Female mouse.  She helped Friar Hugo in the Redwall kitchens.  (MT)

AMBROSE SPIKE. Male hedgehog.   Cellarkeeper of Redwall.  He knows magic tricks and has an appetite to match a hare's.  He was injured by Cluny's army early in the Late Rose Summer Wars. (RW, MT, GF)

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AUMA. Female badger. Daughter of Orlando and Brockrose.  Her mother died when she was very small, so she was raised by her father in the western plains.  She was kidnapped and enslaved by Slagar and taken to Malkariss’ Kingdom.   After being rescued, she and Orlando lived at Redwall.  She later succeeded Constance as badger mother of Redwall. (MT, PL)

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AUTUMN OF THE WARRIORS' RETURN.  Season in which Matthias and the others returned to Redwall Abbey after having rescued their young olds from Slagar.  (MT)


BADRAG. Stoat slaver. Killed by longtails. (MT)

BAGEYE. Male stoat.  Slaver in Slagar’s band.  He and Halftail were the only stoats in Slagar's band.  He was killed near Loamhedge by Wartclaw and Snakespur. (MT)

BASIL STAG HARE.  Very tall male hare.   He had odd, patchworked fur of ashen color with blotches of grey and a light-brown-flecked white underbelly.  He idolized stags and took his middle name from them.  Thyme makes him sneeze.  Like most hares, he was known for his huge appetite.  He was a camouflage expert and a former member of the Fur and Foot Fighting Patrol, as well as the 47th Hare Border Rangers.  His expressive ears moved to illustrate his points as he talked.  He spoke with what Matthias described as "a slightly affected quaver."  He lived as a bachelor in Mossflower but was a close friend of Matthias and a valuable ally of Redwall during the Late Rose Summer Wars.  He later accompanied Matthias and the others on the quest to rescue the young ones from Slagar.   He eventually became the adoptive father of Cheek.  (RW, MT, GF)

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BILLUM. Mole resident of Redwall. (MT)

BLACKMOLE TUNNEL GREASE.  Lubricating agent used by Redwall moles for moving boulders out of tunnels.  (MT)

BLACKROBES. Rats who serve Malkariss. They carry short spears with broad, leaf-shaped blades. (MT)

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BRIGHTBACK. Male magpie in Ironbeak’s army. Brother of Quickbill and Diptail.  Either he or one of his brothers was killed in the final clash at Redwall, but it's not specified which. (MT)

BROCKROSE.  Female badger.   Wife of Orlando and mother of Auma.  She died three winters before Slagar kidnapped Auma. (MT)

BROWNTOOTH.  Male stoat.  Slaver in Slagar’s band. He was killed by longtails. (MT)


CAVERN HOLE.  Cozy, informal meeting and dining area in Redwall Abbey, down from Great Hall.

CHEEK. Young, fat male otter.  He giggles often and is, appropriately enough, cheeky.  He was an orphan living in Mossflower when he crossed paths with Matthias, Basil and Jess.  He joined them on their quest to track down Slagar.  He was afraid of rivers until he actually swam in one.  He later came to live at Redwall, and three seasons before the Summer of the Rosebay Willowherb he was adopted by Basil Stag Hare.  Then he took the name "Cheek Stag Otter." (MT)

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CHURCHMOUSE, MR. AND MRS JOHN. Lived at St. Ninian's Church, then Redwall. They had twins, Tim and Tess. John became abbey recorder. (See also John Churchmouse.) (RW, MT)

CONSTANCE. Female badger guardian of Redwall. (RW, MT, GF)

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CORNFLOWER FIELDMOUSE. Likes to wear headbands. Wife of Matthias, mother of Mattimeo, grandmother of Martin II. (RW, MT, GF)

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CYNTHIA VOLE.  Orphaned female vole living at Redwall.  She was among those kidnapped by Slagar and his slavers.    When she was first taken she was not very strong or brave and complained often, but by the time she returned to Redwall she was more mature. (MT)

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DAMPER.  Male weasel.  Slaver in Slagar's band.  He was killed by the Blackrobes of Malkariss. (MT)

DAN, BROTHER.  Redwall resident.  He was skilled in woodworking and carving, and also made spectacles.  (MT)

DEADNOSE. Male ferret.  Slaver in Slagar’s band. Died when he was sucked under in a swamp in Mossflower. (MT)

DIPTAIL. Male magpie in Ironbeak’s army. Brother of Quickbill and Brightback.  Either he or one of his brothers was killed in the final clash at Redwall, but it's not specified which.   (MT)

DRYNOSE.  Male weasel.   Slaver in Slagar’s band.  He was killed by Halftail near Loamhedge. (MT)


ELMTAIL.  Male squirrel.  He was a slave of Malkariss.  After the fall of Malkariss' kingdom he came to live at Redwall, where he became a good friend of Jess and Sam.  He was also a Mossflower Patrol member. (MT)


FENGAL. Weasel slaver in Slagar’s band. Died when he was sucked under in a swamp in Mossflower. (MT)

FERN, SISTER. Redwall resident.  She was an adult when Mordalfus was a Dibbun. (MT)

FLEABACK.  Male weasel.  Slaver in Slagar’s band.  He was banished to the far south by Matthias and Orlando. (MT)

FLUGG. Shrew who replaced Log-a-Log as Guosim leader when the first died fighting the blackrobes of Malkariss in the ruins of Loamhedge. (MT)

FOREMOLE. Title given to the leader of the moles.  The first mole to hold that title in Redwall was Dinny, although the term predates the Abbey.

FOREMOLE.  Male mole of Redwall.   The otherwise unnamed Foremole of Matthias' generation was a direct descendant of Dinny.  (RW, MT)

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GAFFER. Male mole.  Resident of Redwall. (RW, MT)

GARNET, SISTER.  Resident of Redwall.  She was an adult when Constance was a Dibbun. (MT)

GARR.  Male Guosim shrew. (MT)

GERMAINE, ABBESS. Elderly female mouse.  Formerly of Loamhedge. Along with Martin, she is the co-founder of Redwall, as well as its first Abbess.  She wore small, square spectacles.  She was buried beneath Redwall Abbey in a tomb marked by a statue of herself with a book in her lap. (MF, LL)

GILLY. Young male mole of Redwall. (MT)

GREAT HALL. Large meeting area in Redwall Abbey. Inside is a large tapestry chronicling the abbey's history.

GREAT SOUTH CLIFFS. Huge cliffs in southern Mossflower, not too far from the ruins of Loamhedge. Unscalable except by rope ladder. A fall from the top is invariably fatal. (MT, LH)

GRUBCLAW.  Male rook in Ironbeak’s army. (MT)

GURN. Male Guosim shrew.  He was such a good digger he joked that his grandfather was a mole.  (MT)


HAIRBELLY.  Male weasel.  Slaver in Slagar's band.  He was killed by Slagar at St. Ninian's for complaining and questioning orders.  (MT)

HALFTAIL.  Male stoat.  Slaver in Slagar’s band.  He carried a willow cane and a dagger.  He was killed near Loamhedge by Snakespur. (MT)

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HARRY THE MUSE, SIR.  Male brown owl.   He is a poet who often talks in rhyme.  He loves sweets.  He helped Matthias and the others rescue their young ones from Slagar, then came to live in Warbeak Loft at Redwall. (MT)

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HEARTWOOD, SISTER.  Author of a medical book at Redwall with five chapters on birds called "Sister Heartwood's Compleat Category."  (MT)

HUGO, FRIAR.  Fat male mouse.  He was the head cook of Redwall and took great pride in his work.  He wore a dockleaf on his tail and a white apron. He was on sentry duty with Edmund the night Shadow climbed the Abbey wall during the Late Rose Summer Wars.  He was killed by Slagar and his slavers. (RW, MT)


IRONBEAK, GENERAL.  Male raven.  He was from the far north, where he was known as a fierce warlord.   He attempted to conquer Redwall Abbey but was killed by Stryk Redkite. (MT)

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JABEZ STUMP.  Male hedgehog. Husband of Rosyqueen, father of Jube and ten daughters, descendant of Josh Stump.  He lived in a hollow log in Mossflower, helped Matthias on the quest to find and defeat Slagar, and then moved his family to Redwall Abbey.  He helped Ambrose run the cellars. (MT)

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JACQUES, BRIAN. Author of the Redwall series. Visit the Official Brian Jacques Homepage!

JARGE. Mole resident of Redwall. (MT)

JESS SQUIRREL. Mother of Sam. Champion climber. Involved in both the Late Rose Summer Wars and the quest to free the slaves of Malkariss. (RW, MT)

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JOHN CHURCHMOUSE.  Male mouse.  Husband of Mrs. Churchmouse, father of Tim and Tess.  His father, grandfather and great-grandfather lived at St. Ninian’s Church, as did he and his family until the Late Rose Summer Wars began.  They they moved to Redwall Abbey, where he later became Redwall Recorder.  He wore square spectacles.  He retired as Recorder six seasons after the Autumn of the Warriors' Return; his son, Tim, took over his duties.   (RW, MT)

JOSH STUMP. Great-great-great grandfather of Jabez Stump's grandfather.  He lived at the time of the great earthquake that sank Loamhedge.  He and his family lived near the Great South Cliffs, but moved to Mossflower after the quake. (MT)

JUBE (JUBILATION) STUMP. Young male hedgehog taken by Slagar’s slavers. Has ten sisters. Son of Jabez and Rosyqueen Stump.  After he was rescued from Slagar and Malkariss, he and his family moved to Redwall.  (MT)

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LETTIE BANKVOLE.  Female vole.  Widowed mother of Rollo. She wore a flowered pinafore.  She was killed by Slagar and his slavers the night they kidnapped Rollo and other Abbey young ones.  (MT)

LOAMDOG.  Mole.  Resident of Redwall.  (MT)

LOAMHEDGE.  Abbey to the south of Mossflower.   The community was nearly as large as Redwall.  It was abandoned due to a plague brought by vermin, and many years later was destroyed in an earthquake.  The subterranean ruins were later the domain of Malkariss.  Its first Abbess was Sylvaticus, and its last was Abbess Germaine.  Survivors of the plague traveled north to Mossflower, where they helped Martin the Warrior free Mossflower from Tsarmina, and founded Redwall Abbey.  (MF, MT, LH)

LOAMSCRIPT.  Writing system used by the residents of Loamhedge.  By the time of Matthias' generation, only Methuselah and John Churchmouse were still able to read it.  (MT)

LOG-A-LOG. Title given to the leader of the Guosim shrews.

LOG-A-LOG.  Male shrew.  The Guosim leader of Matthias' generation was from a family of ferryshrews on the river near the old quarry in Mossflower woods.  His father and grandfather also held the title of Log-a-Log.  He was killed in the battle to free Malkariss' slaves.  (RW, MT)

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LONGTAILS.  See Painted Ones. (MT)

LORD OF MOSSFLOWER. Giant, ancient fir tree near the ruins of Loamhedge. (MT)


MALKARISS. Ancient, deformed white polecat. He was the ruler of an underground kingdom of black-robed rats and slaves built in the subterranean ruins of Loamhedge Abbey.  His titles included "Defier of the sun," "King of the deep," and "Lord of the abyss."  He lived inside a huge statue of a polecat, where he could issue orders and instill fear without revealing his less-than-impressive physical form.  He was stoned to death by slaves. (MT)

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MANGIZ THE SEER. Male crow.  Originally from the far north, he was Ironbeak’s second-in-command and advisor.  He often had visions, but the spirit of Martin the Warrior blocked them while he was at Redwall Abbey.   He was killed by Constance. (MT)

MARTIN THE WARRIOR. The central figure of the Redwall series. Male mouse. He was a great warrior from the far north who helped to free Mossflower from the reign of cruel wildcats.  He was severely wounded in the battle but survived. He then hung up his sword and led a life of peace, becoming Redwall Abbey’s co-founder with Abbess Germaine.  He presumably died of old age (there is no evidence to the contrary,) and was buried in a tomb beneath the Abbey.  His ghost sometimes appears in dreams and visions to offer advice to troubled Redwallers. (MW, MF, LL)

MARTIN II. Son of Mattimeo and Tess, grandson of Matthias, Cornflower and John and Mrs. Churchmouse. Named for Martin the Warrior. (MT, PL)

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MATTHIAS.  Along with Methuselah, one of the two bells cast from the remains of the Joseph Bell, which broke at the end of the Late Rose Summer Wars.

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MATTHIAS THE WARRIOR.  Male mouse.   Husband of Cornflower, father of Mattimeo, grandfather of Martin II.  Matthias was entrusted to the care of the Redwallers as an infant, presumably having been orphaned.   Both Abbot Mortimer and Methuselah were father figures to him in his childhood. He idolized Martin the Warrior and was not comfortable being a plain Redwall mouse.  When the Late Rose Summer Wars broke out, he quested to retrieve Martin's armor and sword.  In the process he learned that Martin somehow knew Matthias would be his heir, and was guided by the Warrior's spirit and riddles in his quest.  He eventually killed Asmodeus and retrieved Martin's sword.  He returned to save Redwall from the forces of Cluny the Scourge.  He later journeyed to the kingdom of Malkariss to rescue his son from Slagar the Cruel. (RW, MT, GF)

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MATTIMEO. By Brian Jacques. 1990. Sequel to Redwall. Mattimeo and other Redwall young ones are kidnapped by slavers. Can their parents save them?

MATTIMEO. (Full name Matthias Methuselah Mortimer.)  Son of Matthias and Cornflower, husband of Tess Churchmouse and father of Martin II.  He misbehaved and resisted authority when he was young.   Then he was kidnapped by Slagar the Cruel and taken to the kingdom of Malkariss.   He matured greatly during the ordeal and found the warrior within himself.  He was rescued by his father and returned to Redwall, where he later inherited the title of Abbey warrior. (RW, MT)

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MAY. Female great red kite (bird). Firstborn daughter of Stryk and Skine.  She was originally named "Sissimay" but her namesake, Sister May of Redwall, insisted it be pronounced properly as simply "May."  (MT)

MAY, SISTER.  Young female mouse. Redwall resident.  She worked in the abbey infirmary worker.  Her simple and modest ways belied her clever, at times even devious, mind.  She saved Rollo from Ironbeak and was otherwise a great asset in the battle to free Redwall from the raven's forces.   She befriended Stryk Redkite, who called her "Sissimay." (MT)

METHUSELAH.  Along with Matthias, one of the two bells cast from the remains of the Joseph Bell, which broke at the end of the Late Rose Summer Wars.

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MORDALFUS, ABBOT. Prefers to be known as Alf. A skilled fishermouse and former pondkeeper of Redwall. Mortimer's successor as Abbot. (RW, MT, GF)

MOSSFLOWER. Forest that runs along the east side of the North Path. Numerous streams run through it.

MRS. CHURCHMOUSE. Wife of John Churchmouse, mother of Tim and Tess, friend of Cornflower, resident of Redwall. (RW, MT)


NADAZ.  Male rat.  He was the Voice of the Host in the Kingdom of Malkariss, and Malkariss' second-in-command.  He wore a purple robe and carried a scepter topped with a mouse skull.  He had a flat voice and was fanatically devoted to Malkariss.  He was killed when Loamhedge collapsed. (MT)

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ORLANDO THE AXE. Male badger.  Father of Auma, widower of Brockrose. Lord of the Western Plain. He was a good cook, although he didn't want anyone to know for fear they'd think him soft.  He carried a double-headed battleaxe and occasionally had Bloodwrath.  He joined Matthias’ group to liberate the slaves from Slagar and Malkariss.  After that quest was fufilled h ecame to live at Redwall, where he and Constance became close friends.  In old age, he went to Salamandastron to die. (MT)

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PAINTED ONES.  Also known as Longtails.  They are a tribe of treedwelling savages living in a pine forest near the ruins of Loamhedge.  They cover themselves with green and black camoflage.  They fear fire, kill all intruders, and have no real language--just shrieks and growls. (MT)


QUICKBILL. Male magpie in Ironbeak’s army. Brother of Brightback and Diptail.  Either he or one of his brothers was killed in the final clash at Redwall, but it's not specified which.  (MT)


RAGWING. Male rook in Ironbeak’s army.   After Ironbeak's defeat he was fitted with an iron collar and sent into exile.   (MT)

RATDEATH. Name given to Matthias' sword by Mortimer after the defeat of Cluny. (RW, MT)

REDWALL ABBEY. Large red sandstone structure located between Mossflower woods and the main north road. Surrounded by tall walls. Major areas within the walls are: the gatehouse, bell tower, orchard, pond, Great Hall, Cavern Hole, infirmary, cellar, kitchens, Warbeak Loft. Built from red sandstone from a quarry north-east of the abbey. Founded by Abbess Germaine of Loamhedge and Martin the Warrior.

ROCKSLIDE BURGOO.  Mixture used by Redwall moles to help move boulders from tunnels.  (MT)

ROLLO.  Male bankvole. Son of Lettie. Very mischievious as a Dibbun. Taken hostage by Ironbeak but rescued by other Redwallers. (MT, PL)

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ROOTER. Male mole.  Resident of Redwall. (MT)

ROSYQUEEN STUMP.  Female hedgehog. Wife of Jabez, mother of Jube and ten daugthers. She lived in a log in Mossflower, then moved to Redwall. (MT)

RUFUS, BROTHER. Male mouse. Resident of Redwall Abbey. (RW, MT)


SAINT NINIAN'S CHURCH. Once occupied by Gonff and Columbine, later by the Churchmouse family, Cluny's army and Slagar the Cruel's horde. Located on the east side of the path south of Redwall Abbey. Occupied by Gonff's family for six generations before they moved away.

("SILENT") SAM SQUIRREL. Son of Jess and Mr. Squirrel.  He had a thumb-sucking habit and was mute as an infant, but gained speech after the Late Rose Summer Wars. The following summer was named the Summer of the Talking Squirrel after him. He was then briefly called "Noisy Sam."   He was later kidnapped by Slagar the Cruel and taken to Malkariss’ Kingdom.  After he was rescued and returned to Redwall he became a Mossflower Patrol member. (RW, MT, GF)

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SAXUS, ABBOT.  Redwall leader sometime prior to Mortimer.   He was known as a good cook.  (MT)

SCRINGE. Male ferret.  Slaver in Slagar’s band. He carried a sword.  He was killed near Loamhedge by Halftail. (MT)

SCURL DROPTAIL. Male frilled newt with a red belly. He was sneaky and dishonest.  He lived in southern Mossflower.  (MT)

SEDGE, BROTHER. Male mouse.  Resident of Redwall.  He was a good cook who helped Hugo in the kitchens.  (MT)

SELA THE VIXEN.  Female fox of Mossflower.  Mother of Chickenhound (Slagar).  She was literate, clever and a double-dealing spy.  She had golden eyes and considerable skill as a healer.   She was killed by Cluny’s soldiers when he learned she was a double agent. (RW)

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"SISTER HEARTWOOD’S COMPLEAT CATEGORY". Medical book at Redwall. Has five chapters on birds. (MT)

SKAN.  Young male Guosim shrew.  He challenged Log-a-Log's authority and left the Guosim with a handful of followers.  He betrayed the Guosim and their Redwall companions to Slagar, but was enslaved by the fox.   He was killed by the Painted Ones. (MT)

SKINE.  Huge male great red kite (bird).  Mate of Stryk Redkite, father of May.  (MT)

SKINPAW.  Male weasel.  Slaver in Slagar’s band.   He was once in a travelling entertainment troupe. (MT)

SLAGAR THE CRUEL.  Male fox.  Also known as the Sly One, the Cruel One and Lunar Stellaris, Lord of the Mountebanks. Born Chickenhound, son of Sela. With Sela, he acted as a double agent, spying for both Cluny and the Redwallers during the Late Rose Summer Wars.  When the double-dealing was discovered, Cluny ordered Sela and Chickenhound killed.  He survived, however, and was taken in by the Redwallers.  Once healed, he stole some valuables and escaped from Redwall, killing Methuselah in the process. While hiding from those seeking to avenge Methuselah’s death, he was bitten by Asmodeus.  He awoke in Asmodeus’ lair, escaped, and healed himself, but his face was terribly disfigured.  A harlequinned mask with a red and purple diamond pattern thereafter concealed his face.  His voice became hoarse and rasping.  He organized a slave band, providing a labor force for Malkariss.  He was promised land and power in return.  He kidnapped Auma, Mattimeo, Tim, Tess, Cynthia, Sam and Jube, causing Matthias, Orlando, Jess, Basil, Jabez and the Guosim to follow him to Malkariss’ Kingdom.  He escaped during the battle to liberate the slaves, and killed Vitch when he tried to do the same.   Orlando and Matthias chased him, but he fell down Loamhedge’s old well and died.  He and Vitch were buried together in the well. (RW, MT)

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SNAKESPUR.  Male weasel.   Slaver in Slagar’s band.   He carried an iron hook.  He was banished to the far south by Matthias and Orlando.  (MT)

SPARRA. Tribe of sparrows living in the highest rafters of Redwall Abbey (Warbeak Loft).  Also the name given to their language. (RW, MT)

SPRING OF THE LATE SNOWDROPS. Season when the Abbey Foundation Stone was laid. (MT)

STONEFLECK. Large male rat with grey, white and black markings which provide camouflage.  He carried a bow and arrows.  He was the leader of a huge rat army near the Great South Cliffs.  He showed little emotion and was a ruthless fighter.  He was killed by Log-a-Log. (MT)

STREAMSLEEK. Young male otter of Redwall. (MT)

STRYK REDKITE.  Female great red kite (bird) from the western mountains.  Mate of Skine and mother of May.  After her wing was broken in a rockslide she came to Redwall Abbey for assistance.  Sister May and Abbot Mordalfus healed her, and she and May became great friends.  She repaid their kindness by killing Ironbeak and freeing Redwall from the raven's grip.  She returned to the mountains and married Skine.  She named her firstborn daughter May, in honor of her mouse friend. (MT)

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SUMMER OF THE GOLDEN PLAIN.   Season in which Mattimeo and the other abbey young ones were kidnapped by Slagar.   The eighth season since the Summer of the Late Rose.  (MT)

SUMMER OF THE ROSEBAY WILLOWHERB.  The sixth season after the Autumn of the Warrior's Return.  (MT)


TESS CHURCHMOUSE.  Female mouse.  Daughter of John and Mrs. Churchmouse, twin sister of Tim, wife of Mattimeo, mother of Martin II.   She was known as a good speller.  She was taken by Slagar’s slave band to Malkariss’ Kingdom when she was young, but was rescued and returned to Redwall. (RW, MT)

THREECLAWS.  Male weasel.  Slaver in Slagar’s band.   He carried a vicious hook.  He was banished to the far south by Matthias and Orlando.  (MT)

TIM CHURCHMOUSE.  Male mouse.  Son of John and Mrs. Churchmouse, twin brother of Tess, brother-in-law of Mattimeo, uncle of Martin II.  He was among those taken as a slave to Malkariss' kingdom when he was young.   He succeeded his father as Recorder of Redwall Abbey six season after their return.   (RW, MT)

TORNEAR. Slaver in Slagar’s band.  He was presumably killed in the stoat vs. weasel mutiny near Loamhedge, as he was not included on the list of survivors.  (MT)

TRUGG, BROTHER. Resident of Redwall. He was a helper in Hugo's kitchens.  (MT)

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VITCH. Young, undersized male rat in Slagar’s slave band.  He infiltrated Redwall as a spy before Mattimeo and the others were kidnapped.  Slagar offered him as a gift to Malkariss, who then enslaved Vitch.  He was killed by Slagar after the final collapse of Loamhedge. (MT)

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WARBEAK LOFT. Name given to the roofspaces above Redwall that are home to the Sparra after Queen Warbeak’s death. Sir Harry also lived there. (MT)

WARBEAK, QUEEN.  Female sparrow. Daughter of Dunwing and Greytail, niece of Bull. She was nursed back to health after a leg injury by Matthias and was thereafter an ally of the Redwallers.  She became the youngest Sparra Queen ever when she succeeded her crazy uncle Bull during the Late Rose Summer Wars.  She later helped Friar Hugo in the Abbey kitchens.  She was killed fighting Stonefleck’s army in far south Mossflower. (RW, MT)

warbeak-byo.jpg (5593 bytes)

WARRIOR'S COTTAGE.  Name given to Redwall Abbey's gatehouse while Matthias and Cornflower lived there.  (MT)

WARTCLAW.  Male weasel.  Slaver in Slagar’s band.  He was skilled with rope tricks.  He was banished to the far south by Matthias and Orlando.  (MT)

WEARET, THE.  A huge male creature with no visible ears and practically no neck.  Perhaps a cross between a ferret and a stoat.  He was the Slavemaster of Malkariss.  His weapons included a large spear and a weighted net.  He was killed by Orlando. (MT)

wearet.jpg (13683 bytes)

WEDGEBACK.  Male stoat.   Slaver in Slagar’s band.  Slagar pushed him off the Great South Cliffs as punishment for letting slaves escape.  (MT)

WINIFRED. Female otter leader in Redwall.  An expert fisher.  (RW, MT)

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