Outcast of Redwall

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AGGAL.  Male stoat.  Captain in Bowfleg’s army, then in Swartt’s. He was killed in a boulder avalanche at Salamandastron started by Floke and Porty. (OR)

ARUNDO POLLSPIKE.   Young male hedgehog.  Son of Duddle and Tutty, younger brother of Clematis Roselea.   He and his family lived on a raft in the southern Broadstream.  He spoke with a lisp. (OR)


BALEFUR.  Large male fox.   His favorite weapon was a double-headed battleaxe.  He was originally was from the far north, with an accent to match.  He was an ally of Shang, and although he joined Swartt's horde after her defeat, he never felt loyalty to the ferret.  After he challenged Swartt’s authority, Nightshade lured him to the quarry, where he was killed by adders. (OR)

BANDRIL.  Male weasel in Swartt’s horde. (OR)

BANKROSE.  Female otter.   Daughter of the Skipper of otters. Childhood friend of Firjak. Together they brought together the squirrels and otters of north-west Mossflower when they were kidnapped by searats. (OR)

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BARKSTRIPE.  Male badger.  Husband of Bella, son-in-law of Boar, father of Sunflash.  He met and married Bella in his homeland in the far south-east of Mossflower, then moved with her to Brockhall.  Boar soon left for Salamandastron, and Barkstripe ruled in his stead.  He was more of a farmer than a warrior, however, and he was killed in the first battle against Verdauga. (MF, OR)

BARLOM, BROTHER.  Male mouse.   Grandson of Timballisto.  He was the Recorder of Redwall and the self-appointed gatekeeper.  (OR)

BAT MOUNTPIT.  Bat kingdom inside one of the western mountains near the large waterfall. The tribe of bats live in caverns filled with tunnels, streams and waterfalls.  They farm on cave ledges and fish the subterranean lakes.   (MF, OR)

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BELLA OF BROCKHALL. Brown-eyed female badger.  Daughter of Boar, granddaughter of Brocktree, mother of Sunflash, widow of Barkstripe.  Her mother died when she was young.  In her youth she traveled far and wide, and stayed at Loamhedge for awhile, where she befriended Abbess Germaine.  She later met and married Barkstripe in the far south-east and then returned to Brockhall.  She was the leader of the Corim and was the first badger mother of Redwall.  She was reunited with Sunflash in old age, when she was stiff, frail, wore glasses because of failing sight and had silver fur.  When she passed away several seasons later she was regarded as the oldest badger known.  (MF, OR, LL)

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BEN STICKLE.  Male hedgehog.  Husband of Goody, father of Posy, Spike, Ferdy and Coggs.  Adoptive father of Gonff.  He smoked a pipe. (MF)

BILGESNOUT.  Male searat.  Lookout on the Gutprow. Killed by Sunflash. (OR)

BITTY LINGL.  Young female hedgehog.   Daughter of Tirry and Dearie, sister of Gurmil, Tirg and Giller.  She and her family lived in a cave in north-west Mossflower.  (OR)

BLATT. Otter Dibbun. Twin of Scrimmo.  The twins lived at Redwall with their mother.  (OR)

BLEEKNOSE.  Quick-thinking male weasel in Swartt’s horde. (OR)

BLOGGWOOD.  Young male hare.  He was appointed head cook of Salamandastron by Sunflash.  (OR)

BLOODWRATH. Killing rage that comes upon badger warriors.

BLUEFEN.  Female ferret.  Daughter of Bowfleg, wife of Swartt Sixclaw and mother of Veil Sixclaw.  She was pretty but quiet and was never a strong creature.  She was a good hostess.  During an exceptionally hard winter she died giving birth to Veil.   (OR)

BLUNN DUBBO.  Old male mole.   Husband of Ummer, uncle of Bruff, great-uncle of Nilly and Podd.  He and his family lived in a cave in north-west Mossflower.  (OR)

BOAR THE FIGHTER.  Male badger with a beard and silver fur.  Father of Bella, father-in-law of Barkstripe, son of Brocktree, grandfather of Sunflash.  He was an excellent swordfighter. (BT, MF, OR)

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BONEBEAK.  Female crow.  Wife of Krakulat.   Killed by Shang Damsontounge’s foxes. (OR)

BOWFLEG THE WARLORD.  Fat, old male ferret with a strange accent.  Father of Bluefen, grandfather of Veil. His insignia was a white fang in a green circle.  He was lazy and content to let his horde camp near the north-east mountains.  Swartt left his horde, but later came back and poisoned him.   (OR)

BRADBERRY (BRADDERS). Young male hare of Salamandastron. Loved Fordpetal. (OR)

BRAL HOGMORTON.  Male hedgehog.   Cellarkeeper of Redwall.  (OR)

BREEZE.  Female hare of Salamandastron.   Daughter of Lupin and Buffheart, sister of Starbuck.  She died of old age after completing the mission of welcoming Sunflash to Salamandastron. (MF, OR)

BROCKTREE.  Son of Stonepaw, father of Boar, grandfather of Bella, great-grandfather of Sunflash.  Badger Lord of Salamandastron and founder of the Long Patrol.  His weapon of choice was a broadsword.  He was entombed in a secret chamber in Salamandastron.  (BT; Mentioned in MF, OR, SN)

BROOL. Old male fox. Travelling companion of Renn.   He carried a sling.  He was killed by Veil after he and Renn tied him to a tree and stole his food. (OR)

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BRUFF DUBBO.  Male mole.  Nephew of Blunn and Ummer, husband of Lully, father of Nilly and Podd.  He and his family lived in a cave in north-west Mossflower.  He was an archer in his youth.  (OR)

BRUGG. Young male squirrel of Redwall. (OR)

BRUND I.  Female dormouse.  Wife of Hoffy II, mother of Brund II and Hoffy III.  She and her husband died during a harsh winter.   (OR)

BRUND II. Female Dibbun dormouse.  Daughter of Hoffy II and Brund I, sister of Hoffy, granddaugther of Ole Hoffy.  She was named after her mother, who died along with her father during a harsh winter.  She and her brother and grandfather wandered the western plains for a time, then were invited to live at Redwall. (OR)

BRUSHTIP.  Squirrel of Redwall.  (OR)

BRYONY, ABBESS.  Redwall mousemaid.   Great-granddaughter of Gonff and Columbine, adoptive mother of Veil.  She wore a crooked mob cap and a white apron.  She adopted Veil when he was a babe and raised him as her own.  She was stubbornly loyal to and protective of the young ferret, despite the doubts of her peers and Veil's frequent misdeeds.  Her kindness was eventually repaid, as Veil gave his life to save hers.  She later succeeded Meriam as Abbess of Redwall. (OR)

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BULFIE.  Ferret.  Early follower of Swartt. A skilled warrior and valued member of Swartt's horde.  Killed by Sunflash. (OR)

BULGORN. Fat male stoat.  Slavedriver on the Gutprow.   He wore a broad leather belt and had blackened and broken teeth.  He was killed by Sunflash. (OR)

BUNFOLD, FRIAR. Fat male mouse.  Head cook of Redwall.  He liked to nap in the orchards.  Some called him by the nickname "Bunny."  He and Veil hated each other, and Veil meant to poison him instead of Myrtle.  (OR)

BURRBOB. Fat, young male hare of Salamandastron.   He and his occasionally bad manners were in the audience when Rillbrook told the story of the Outcast of Redwall. (OR)

BUSKIT.  Male rat.  An archer in Swartt’s horde.  He was killed inside Bat Mountpit by Sunflash.  (OR)


CAVERN HOLE.  Cozy, informal meeting and dining area in Redwall Abbey, down from Great Hall.

CLEMATIS ROSELEA POLLSPIKE.  Young female hedgehog.  Daughter of Duddle and Tutty, older sister of Arundo.  She and her family lived on a raft in the southern Broadstream. (OR)

COLUMBINE.  Female fieldmouse.  Wife of Gonff, mother of Gonff II/Gonflet, great-grandmother of Bryony.  Close friend and ward of Abbess Germaine.  She was originally from Loamhedge, came north to Mossflower with the others, and settled in the old St. Ninian's Church with Gonff. (MF, LL)

CROW BRETHREN.  A tribe of crows who resided in a pine grove just west of the wastelands of north-east Mossflower.   They were forced from their home when Swartt’s horde burned the pine grove, and were soon exterminated by Shang Damsontounge’s foxes. (OR, SN)


DARK FOREST. The afterlife.

DEARIE LINGL.  Female hedgehog.   Wife of Tirry, mother of Gurmil, Tirg, Giller and Bitty.  Friend of Sunflash.  She lived in a cave in north-west Mossflower.    She had a nice singing voice.  (OR)

DEWFLECK.  Quiet, older female hare of Salamandastron.  Sunflash appointed her as sickbay assistant.  (OR)

DIBBUNS. Young ones at Redwall Abbey.  (The term was introduced in Mariel of Redwall.)

DINNY.  Male mole.  Grandfather of Togget.  First Foremole of Redwall.  (MF, LL)

DUDDLE POLLSPIKE. Fat, male hedgehog with even, white teeth. Husband of Tutty, father of Clematis Roselea and Arundo.   Lived on a raft in the southern Broadstream. (OR)

DUSKSKIN, LORD.  Male bat.   Ruler of Bat Mountpit.  (OR)


ELMJAK. Old male squirrel.  Son of Firjak.   Friend of the Lingls and Dubbos.   He had healing knowledge and lived in northwestern Mossflower. (OR)

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EULALIA. War cry of badgers and hares, especially those associated with Salamandastron.


FARROW, BROTHER.  Withe’s predecessor as Herbalist of Redwall.  (OR)

FIGGUL.  Molemaid of Redwall.  (OR)

FIRDANCE, LADY.  Big female squirrel with a husky voice and a large facial scar.  She was the leader of a tribe of squirrels in northwestern Mossflower, near Salamandastron. (OR)

FIRJAK.  Male squirrel.  Son of the Squirrelqueen, father of Elmjack.  He and his childhood friend, Bankrose, brought together the squirrels and otters of north-west Mossflower. He saved her from searats, getting a lame paw in the process. He loved to swim. (OR)

FLEETRUNN. Female hare of Salamandastron.  She was a Captain in the Long Patrol until she married Jodd and moved to Redwall. (OR)

FLOKE. Older male hare in Salamandastron’s Long Patrol. (OR)

FLOOM. Guosim shrew. (OR)

FOLRIG STREAMPAW. Otter. Lives with Ruddle behind a waterfall in north-west Mossflower. Loves to insult Ruddle and vice versa. Friend of Sunflash. (OR)

FORDPETAL. Young, flirtatious female hare of Salamandastron.  She had big, brown eyes.  She loved Bradders. She was killed by Zigu on the beach outside Salamandastron. (OR)

FOREMOLE. Title given to the leader of the moles.  The first mole to hold that title in Redwall was Dinny, although the term predates the Abbey.

FOREMOLE.  Male mole.  Leader of the moles at Redwall.  (OR)

FRIMBLE, BROTHER.  Redwall resident.  (OR)


GERMAINE, ABBESS. Elderly female mouse.  Formerly of Loamhedge. Along with Martin, she is the co-founder of Redwall, as well as its first Abbess.  She was a longtime friend of Bella, and a mother figure for Columbine.  (MF, LL)

GILLER LINGL. Female hedgehog. Daughter of Tirry and Dearie, sister of Gurmil, Tirg and Bitty. Lives in a cave in north-west Mossflower. (OR)

GLIMPY.  Male rat in Swartt’s army.  He wore a red bandana.  He was killed as a demonstration of The Wraith’s abilities.  (OR)

GONFF THE MOUSETHIEF. Plump, jovial male mouse. Husband of Columbine, father of Gonflet/Gonff II, great-grandfather of Bryony, ancestor of Dandin.  He was a great friend of Martin the Warrior.  (MF, LL)  

GRAYJAW.  Female weasel in Swartt’s army.  She was killed by the Long Patrol at Bat Mountpit.  (OR)

GREAT HALL. Large meeting area in Redwall Abbey. Inside is a large tapestry chronicling the abbey's history.

GREENCLAW.  Male stoat.   Captain in Bowfleg’s army.  Carried a sword.  Killed by Swartt. (OR)

GRINFLIT.  A vermin in Swartt’s army who was killed by Jodd north of Redwall Abbey.  (OR)

GRING.  Young male Guosim shrew. (OR)

GULLY.  Squirrel in Firdance's tribe.  (OR)

GUOSIM . Guerilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower. Their leader is called Log-a-Log. They are skilled at handling river craft and good cooks but are very argumentive.

GURMIL LINGL. Young male hedgehog. Son of Tirry and Dearie, brother of Tirg, Bitty and Giller. (OR)

GUTPROW.  Corsair searat ship captained by Warpclaw. It had a single green sail and was also powered by oar slaves.  The entire crew was killed by Sunflash, who then sunk the ship.  (OR)

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HALFRUMP. Early follower of Swartt. (OR)

HEARTWOOD.  Old male otter of Redwall. (OR)

HEDGEPAW. Female hare. Officer of the Long Patrol. (OR)

HOFFY I (OLE HOFFY).  Old male dormouse.  Father of Hoffy II, father-in-law of Brund I, grandfather of Hoffy III and Brund II.  He raised his two grandmice after their parents died, traveling the countryside with them until they were invited to live at Redwall.  (OR)

HOFFY II.  Male dormouse.  Son of Hoffy I (Ole Hoffy), husband of Brund I, father of Hoffy III and Brund II.  He and his wife died during a harsh winter.  (OR)

HOFFY III.  Male Dibbun dormouse.  Son of Brund I and Hoffy II, brother of Brund II, grandson of Ole Hoffy.  He was named for his father, who died along with his mother during a harsh winter.  He, Brund II and Ole Hoffy came to live at Redwall.  (OR)


ILFRIL. Ill-tempered, old, male bankvole living near the intersection of the Slipstream and the southern Broadstream.   Acquaintance of the Pollspikes.  (OR)


JACQUES, BRIAN. Author of the Redwall series. Visit the Official Brian Jacques Homepage!

"JODD" (WILTHURIO LONGBARROW SACKFIRTH TOXOPHOLA FEDLRIC FRITILLARY WILFRAND HURDLEFRAME LONGARROW LEAWELT PUGNACIO CINNABAR HILLWETHER JODDTRELLIO.)  Male hare.  Husband of Fleetrunn.   Redfarl's squirrel tribe found him wandering, lost in Mossflower, and took him in.   He wanted to be a squirrel, too, and tried tying his tail to his ears in hopes of growing it longer.  He was an archer who used extra-large arrows.  After he wed Fleetrunn and moved to Redwall he was content to be a hare.  (OR)


KRAKULAT.  Male crow.   Husband of Bonebeak.  Ruler of the Crow Brethren.  His mother was killed by Scarback and Marbul.  He was consumed by a desire for revenge against Swartt's horde, but he and his tribe were all killed by Shang Damsontounge’s foxes. (OR)


LARDTAIL.  Large, ill-tempered, male rat in Swartt’s army.  He was a supporter of Wildag in an attempted mutiny.   He was killed by Scarback and Marbul when Swartt blamed him for Wildag’s death. (OR)

LOG-A-LOG. Title given to the leader of the Guosim shrews.

LOG-A-LOG. Older male shrew with a gruff voice, ragged fur and a colored headband.  He had a daughter who was just a season old when Sunflash rescued her from searats.  (OR)

LONG PATROL. Elite fighting force of hares at Salamandastron.

LULLY DUBBO.  Female hedgehog.   Wife of Bruff, mother of Nilly and Podd, friend of Sunflash.  She lived in a cave in north-west Mossflower. (OR)


MARBUL.  Male weasel with one all-white, blind eye.  Assassin in Swartt’s army.  He was strangled to death by Crow Brethren.  (OR)

MARTIN THE WARRIOR. The central figure of the Redwall series. Male mouse with brown fur.  He was a great warrior from the far north who helped to free Mossflower from the reign of cruel wildcats.  He was severely wounded in the battle but survived. He then hung up his sword and led a life of peace, becoming Redwall Abbey’s co-founder with Abbess Germaine.  He presumably died of old age (there is no evidence to the contrary,) and was buried in a tomb beneath the Abbey.  His ghost sometimes appears in dreams and visions to offer advice to troubled Redwallers. (MW, MF, LL)

MERIAM, ABBESS. Tall, slender, female mouse of middle seasons.  She had hazel eyes.  She was known for her wisdom and serenity, as well as her very graceful way of walking.  She wore a simple, long robe of pale green belted with a soft white cord.  She was a close friend of Bryony, and eventually chose her as her successor.  (OR)

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MOSSFLOWER. By Brian Jacques. 1988. Covers the events from Martin the Warrior's arrival in Mossflower, through the defeat of Tsarmina, up to the founding of Redwall Abbey. The epilouge from this novel became the basis for The Outcast of Redwall.

MOSSFLOWER. Forest that runs along the east side of the North Path. Numerous streams run through it.

MUGGRA.  Male weasel in Swartt’s army.   He was a follower of Swartt since the early days when Sunflash was their prisoner.   He was later promoted to Captain. (OR)

MUNGA.  Deep-voiced, male Guosim shrew. (OR)

MUSKO. Guosim shrew. (OR)

MYRTLE. Overweight hedgehog wife at Redwall. Accidentally poisoned by Veil instead of Bunfold, but survived. (OR)


NIGHTSHADE THE SEER.  Vixen.  She felt destined to follow Swartt, who was younger than she was.  She wore a feather-trimmed cloak and daubed her body with paint and mud.  She also carried a long staff decorated with bones, hanks of hair, and shells.  She was a seer who often had visions relating to Swartt's future, and faithfully served him for many seasons.   She killed Skarlath with a poisoned arrow, then was killed by Sunflash. (OR)


NILLY DUBBO.  Young female mole.   Daughter of Bruff and Lully, sister of Podd, grand-niece of Blunn and Ummer.   (OR)


OLE HOFFY.  See Hoffy I.

ORRIS, SISTER.  Redwall resident who helped Bunfold in the Abbey kitchens.  (OR)

OUTCAST OF REDWALL. By Brian Jacques. 1996. Veil the ferret is raised by Redwallers, but is he still evil?


PODD DUBBO.  Young female mole.   Daughter of Bruff and Lully, sister of Nilly, grand-niece of Blunn and Ummer.   (OR)

PORTY.  Fat young male hare of Salamandastron. (OR)

PUCKLE.  Dibbun mole of Redwall.  (OR)


[No entries]


REDFARL. Female squirrel of Mossflower, ally of Redwall.  She was a small but fierce fighter and archer. (OR)

REDWALL ABBEY. Large red sandstone structure located between Mossflower woods and the main north road. Surrounded by tall walls. Major areas within the walls are: the gatehouse, bell tower, orchard, pond, Great Hall, Cavern Hole, infirmary, cellar, kitchens, Warbeak Loft. Built from red sandstone from a quarry north-east of the abbey. Founded by Abbess Germaine of Loamhedge and Martin the Warrior.

REEDTAIL.  Otter in northwestern Mossflower.  Ally of Salamandastron.  (OR)

RENN.  Old male fox. Travelling companion of Brool.  He carried a spear.  He was killed by Veil after he and Brool tied him to a tree and stole his food.  (OR)

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RILLBROOK THE WANDERER. Old male otter who told the saga of Sunflash, Swartt and Veil to a group of young Salamandastron hares.   He claimed his father and grandfather were also named Rillbrook. (OR)

RIVER MOSS.  Runs from north-east of Redwall Abbey, north of the abbey, and empties into the ocean north of Salamandastron.   Pikes live in the ford where the river crosses the North Path.

ROCKLEG.  Old bachelor hare of Salamandastron.  Long Patrol Captain.  (OR)

RUDDLE BANKSNOUT.  Male otter.   Friend of Sunflash.  He lived with Folrig behind a waterfall in northwest Mossflower.  He and Folrig loved to playfully insult each other.  Loves to insult Folrig and vice versa. (OR)

RYEBACK. Female hare of the Salamandastron Long Patrol. Has medicinal skills. (OR)


SABRETACHE. Male hare of Salamandastron.   He was an officer in the Long Patrol.  He was an expert with a long sword, and killed Zigu in a duel. (OR)


SANDGALL, COLONEL. Male hare. Wears a monocle. Most senior of the Officers of the Long Patrol. (OR)

SCARBACK.  Male weasel.   Assassin in Swartt’s army.  He was strangled to death by the Crow Brethren.  (OR)

SCRAW.  Male rat.  He was a Senior Counselor in Bowfleg’s army, and was later made a Captain by Swartt.  He was accidentally killed by arrows fired by his fellow hordebeasts during a skirmish with Redwall squirrel archers.  (OR)

SCRIMMO. Otter Dibbun. Twin of Blatt. The twins lived at Redwall with their mother. (OR)

SHANG DAMSONTOUNGE.  Large, tough vixen with a purple tounge.  She carried a bola and used archaic speech.  She was the leader of the foxes in the gorge near the wastelands of northeast Mossflower.   She was poisoned by Swartt, and her followers joined the ferret's horde.  (OR)

SKARLATH.  Male kestrel.  He left the nest later than this brothers and sisters, and flew north.  He soon met Sunflash, and the two were the best of friends forever after.  Sunflash summoned him with a grass whistle whenever he was needed.  He was killed by Nightshade's poisoned arrow. (OR)

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SKIPPERJO.  Huge, brawny male otter.  Leader of the otters at Redwall.  (OR)

SMERC.  Small, skinny male newt who painted himself orange and blue with plant dyes.  He played a reed flute.   He lived in a swamp in northwest Mossflower, where he was allied with an eel.   He was hostile to woodlanders.  (OR)

SPURHAKK.  Stoat.  An early follower of Swartt, and a valued member of his horde.  Killed by Sunflash.  (OR)

STARBUCK.  Male hare of Salamandastron.   Son of Lupin and Buffheart, older brother of Breeze.  He died of old age after completing the mission of welcoming Sunflash to Salamandastron.  (MF, OR)

SUMIN.  Stout, solid-looking male squirrel of Redwall with a no-nonsense attitude.  He was well-traveled within Mossflower Woods.   (OR)

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SUNDEW. young, shrewd female hare of Salamandastron. Close friend of Sunflash. (OR)

SUNFLASH THE MACE.  Male badger.   Son of Bella and Barkstripe, grandson of Boar, great-grandson of Old Lord Brocktree.  He was born less than a year before Verdauga arrived in Mossflower.  He snuck out of Brockhall one night to avenge his father's death but was far too young to face Kotir. He was presumed dead but was actually the prisoner of Swartt Sixclaw, who called him "Scumtripe."  Sunflash was about the same age as Swartt. He had a golden-colored headstripe and dark brown eyes.  He crippled Swartt’s sixclaw while escaping with Skarlath, who named him Sunflash because he could not remember his real name.  His favorite weapon was a large mace.  He was a defender of the poor and helpless who liked writing poems, farming and playing with young ones.  He was a life long enemy of Swartt, whom he eventually killed.  He later visited Redwall and was reunited with Bella.  After her death, he moved back to Salamandastron, changed his name to "Sunstripe" and became a farmer.  (MF, OR)

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SWARTT SIXCLAW THE WARLORD.  Tall, sinewy male ferret.  Also known as "The Pitiless One."  Husband of Bluefen, father of Veil.  Nightshade was his closest confidante.   He wore the teeth and claws of defeated enemies around his neck, a bright blue cloak and a snakeskin belt.  He wore stripes of purple and green warpaint on his face and dyed his teeth red.  He had six claws on his left paw, which was crippled by Sunflash. After that, Swartt wore a meshed brass mail gauntlet on his sixclaw, and he and Sunflash became lifelong arch-enemies.  He was originally from Bowfleg's horde, but he left while still young to make a name for himself.  He later returned, killed Bowfleg and took over the horde.  His war banner had a sixclaw symbol on it.  He married Bluefen, and their son was born just prior to her death.  Swartt ignored his offspring, who was soon abandoned near Redwall.  Swartt’s horde grew in size and strength over the years but was decimated in a battle at Salamandastron.   Swartt’s son, Veil, was briefly reunited with him in Bat Mountpit.   Moments after accidentally killing Veil, Swartt himself was slain when Sunflash threw him off the top of the mountain.  (OR)

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TIMBALLISTO (a.k.a. TIMBAL, "T.B.")  Male mouse.  Grandfather of Barlom.  Childhood friend of Martin the Warrior.  (MF, LL, MW)

TIRG LINGL. Young male hedgehog. Son of Tirry and Dearie, brother of Gurmil, Giller and Bitty. (OR)

TIRRY LINGL.  Male hedgehog.   Husband of Dearie, father of Gurmil, Tirg, Giller and Bitty.  Friend of Sunflash.  He and his family lived in a cave in northwest Mossflower. (OR)

TOGGET.  Male mole.  Grandson of Dinny.  He followed Bryony on her quest to bring Veil back to Redwall.  He hated the rain.  He later became Foremole of Redwall. (OR)

TRATTAK.  Male stoat.  Early follower of Swartt.  (OR)

TUTTY POLLSPIKE.  Small, wiry female hedgehog.  Wife of Duddle, mother of Clematis Roselea and Arundo.  She and her family lived on a raft in the southern Broadstream. She wore a skirt and petticoats.  She frequently threatened to cut off the tail of any naughty creature.   (OR)


UMMER.  Old female mole.   Wife of Blunn, aunt of Bruff Dubbo.  She played an instrument called a gurdelstick.  She and her family lived in a cave in northwest Mossflower.  (OR)


VEIL SIXCLAW THE OUTCAST.  Male ferret.   Son of Swartt Sixclaw the Warlord and Bluefen, grandson of Bowfleg.  Like his father, he had six claws on his left paw.  After Bluefen died, he was given to an old female rat in the horde to raise.  He was abandoned on a battlefield as an infant and raised by Bryony at Redwall Abbey.  He was made an outcast after he tried to poison Friar Bunfold and accidentally poisoned Mrytle. He later died saving Bryony from Swartt above Bat Mountpit.  (OR)

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WARPCLAW.  Male Corsair searat.   Captain of the Gutprow.  He had many tattoos and wore silks and brass earrings.  He carried a scimitar.  He was killed by Sunflash.  (OR)

WELKNOSE.  Male stoat with a long, lumpy nose.  Bosun of Zigu. (OR)

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WILDAG.  Male ferret.   Captain in Swartt’s army. He was older than Swartt but not as large and strong.  He attempted a mutiny, but died when Swartt ordered that he be force-fed an entire crow. (OR)

WITHE, SISTER.  Slender female mouse.   Infirmarykeeper and Herbalist of Redwall. (OR)

WRAITH, THE.  Small, skinny male weasel with mottled fur of gray, dirt-white and dark brown.  He had no teeth and odd, pale eyes.  He was quick but not very strong.  He draws out R-sounds in his speech.   He was not a member of Swartt's horde, but offered his services as an assassin.   He carried a small, poisoned knife called "The Kisser." Swartt hired him to assassinate Sunflash.  He died by simultaneously sticking himself with his poisoned knife and falling from high on Salamandastron. (OR)


WUDBEAK. Tawny female owl. Friend of Redwall. (OR)

WUDDSHIPP CREEK.  Name given to a tributary of the River Moss after the liberation of Mossflower.  (OR)

WURGG THE SPINECRACKER.  Giant, extremely strong male weasel.  Bodyguard of Bowfleg.  He was poisoned by Swartt.  (OR)

WURPLEDOWN DUMM.  Rascally male mole in a humorous ballad.  (OR)


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ZIGU. Tall, male Corsair ferret.   He dressed plainly and prided himself on talking like a gentlebeast.  He expertly wielded a basket-hilted rapier.  He claimed to have killed his father.   After he lost his ship on the rocks in a storm he and his crew wandered the coast of northwest Mossflower, eventually allying themselves with Swartt's horde.  He challenged Swartt's authority.  He was killed in a sword fight with Sabretache at Salamandastron. (OR)

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