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Triss covers and extra information

Note:  This section of the Encyclopedia
was compiled with the help of Julia S. and
is used with the permission of Terrouge Productions.


ABBOT'S REPORT.  List of troublemakers at Redwall, used as a punishment for unruly Dibbuns.  (TS)

AGARNU.  Obese male Pure Ferret (albino).   King of Riftgard.  Son of Sarengo, father of Kurda and Bladd.  He was the only creature to return from Sarengo's ill-fated last voyage.  That expedition left him with a permanent fear of the sea and sailing, and took one of his legs.  He then used a false leg made of fishbone.  He drowned in the fjord outside Riftgard during Triss' revolt.  (TS)

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APODEMUS, ABBOT.  Male mouse, lifelong friend of Malbun, leader of Redwall.  (TS)

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ARVICOLA.  Large male water vole.   Chieftan of a tribe of water voles in north-west Mossflower.  (TS)


BERRUSSCA.  Female adder.  Mother of Zassaliss, Harssacss and Sesstra.  Lived in the ruins of Brockhall.  She killed King Sarengo, but he fatally wounded her in the process.  (TS)

BESCARUM LEPUSWOLD WHIPPSCUT (SCARUM).   Male hare from Salamandastron.  Son of Colonel Whippscut and Dunfreda, nephew of Burdilo.  Scarum was especially gluttonous, even for a hare, and his out-of-control hunger fits often caused trouble for him and his friends.  He left Salamandastron to go questing with Sagax and Kroova.  (TS)

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BIKKLE.  Female squirrel Dibbun of Redwall.   She and her friend Ruggum accidentally rediscovered Brockhall, and later shared bellringing duties.  (TS)

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BIRTY.  Male hedgehog.  Husband of Roobee, brother-in-law of Mammee.  (TS)

BISTORT.  Very large male hedgehog.   Husband of Downyrose, father of Urtica, father-in-law of Welfo.  Patriarch of Peace Island and the first to be born on the island.  He wore a rustic, brown farmer's smock and used archaic speech.  The quills around his face were going grey.   (TS)

BLADD, PRINCE.   Male "Pure Ferret" (albino).  Grandson of Sarengo, son of Agarnu, older brother of Kurda.   He was taller than Kurda and overweight.  He was rather child-like and simple-minded.  Plugg's crew of Freebooters became fond of him, as he admired and wished to emulate them.  He was killed at the front gate of Redwall Abbey when the defenders dropped a large, iron cooking pot on his head.  He was buried in the ditch outside the Abbey.  (TS)

BLEAR.  Searat in Plugg's crew aboard the Seascab.  (TS)

BLUDDBEAK.  Male red kite from the mountains north of Mossflower.  Very old and nearly blind.  He was good friends with Ovus.  He was killed by adders near Brockhall.  (TS)

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BROCKHALL.  Legendary hall built beneath a large tree in Mossflower Woods.  In the days before Redwall was built, it was a stronghold for badgers and the center for woodlanders who resisted vermin oppression.   After Redwall's construction it fell into disrepair and was abandoned.  It later became a nest for adders.  There are two entrances, one at the main door and another hidden in the woods behind.  (TS)

BURDILO.  Male Long Patrol hare of Salamandastron.  Uncle of Bescarum.  (TS)

BURGOGG.  Male stoat.  He carried a spear handed down from his grandfather until Skipper broke it.  He was part of a vermin gang with Wicky and Kligger.  Skipper and Log-a-Log banished them from Mossflower.  (TS)

BURNBY.  Female squirrel of the Coneslinger tribe.  Daughter of Whurp.  (TS)

BURRL.  Small, skinny male shrew in Groo's tribe.  He was a good singer with a "voice like a foghorn."   (TS)


CADRO.  Guosim shrew killed by Plugg and Kurda's vermin.  (TS)

CAVERN HOLE.  Cozy, informal meeting and dining area in Redwall Abbey, down from Great Hall.

CHURK.  Strong, young female otter.   Sister of Rumbol, niece of Skipper.  Succeeded Malbun as Recorder of Redwall Abbey.  (TS)

CONESLINGERS.  Tribe of squirrels in far western Mossflower who defend their territory by slinging sharp pinecones and setting booby traps.  Their chieftan is Whurp.  (TS)

CRIKULUS.  Ancient male shrew.   Wears rock crystal spectacles.  Gatekeeper of Redwall. (TS)

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CUMARNEE MIGOOCH.  Fat, old male hedgehog with bushy eyebrows.  Husband of Mammee, father of Fridilo, brother-in-law of Roobee, and patriarch of a group of around one hundred hedgehogs living on the coast well north of Salamandastron.  (TS)


DAB.  "Dibbuns Against Bedtime," a secret society invented by unruly Dibbuns.  Mr. Jacques wrote this into the book as a nod to an unofficial online fan club of the same name.  (TS)

DIBBUNS. Infants at Redwall Abbey.

DOWNYROSE.  Female hedgehog.  Wife of Bistort, mother of Urtica, mother-in-law of Welfo.  Resident of Peace Island.   Uses archaic speech.  (TS)

DRUFO.  Old male squirrel slave in Riftgard.  He was a close friend of Rocc Arrem and Triss.  He was killed by Kurda while causing a diversion that allowed Triss and her friends to escape.  (TS)

DUNFREDA.  Female hare of Salamandastron.   Wife of Colonel Whippscut, mother of Bescarum.  Famed for her violent weeping fits.  (TS)


ELBUN.  Guosim shrew killed by Plugg and Kurda's vermin.  (TS)

EULALIA. War cry of badgers and hares, especially those associated with Salamandastron.


FATTY.  Obese female ferret in Plugg's crew.  (TS)

FLITH.  Male rat.  Lieutenant under Captain Riftun.  He was killed by Shogg while trying to stop the otter, Triss and Welfo from escaping from Riftgard.  (TS)

FOOTLECUM DURR.  Foppish male shrew in a humorous Guosim folksong.  (TS)

FOREMOLE. Title given to the leader of the Redwall moles.

FREEDOM.  Tiny mousebabe found at Riftgard immediately after the slave revolt.  No one claimed him so Sleeve and Kroova adopted him.  (TS)

FREEDOM (ship).   See Seascab.

FRIDILO MIGOOCH.  Young female hedgehog.   Daughter of Mammee and Cumarnee, niece of Roobee and Birty.  Wore a tunic of green woven linen with a floral patterned pinafore over it, and had flowers in her headspikes.   (TS)

FRUMBLE, BROTHER.  Late Redwaller who taught Malbun and Skipper's generation at Abbey School.  (TS)

FURREL.  Young molemaid.  Niece of Foremole Urrm.  Assistant cook at Redwall Abbey, serving under Friar Gooch.   (TS)


GOOCH, FRIAR.  Male squirrel.  Head cook at Redwall.  (TS)

GREAT HALL. Large meeting area in Redwall Abbey. Inside is a large tapestry chronicling the abbey's history.

GRIFTY.  Male Guosim shrew who knew lots of songs and poems.  His mother was a famous healer in Mossflower.  (TS)

GROO, LOG-A-LOG.  Male shrew.   Leader of the Guosim.  Preferred dancing to singing.  (TS)

GRUBBAGE.  Oversized, overweight male wharf rat.  Bosun of the Seascab under Captain Plugg Firetail.  His ears were cut off long ago, and although he wore a turban to hide the stumps he was nearly deaf.  He was a jolly and likable creature with some healing knowledge.   He was taken captive by Redwallers but treated kindly, and he helped Triss navigate back to Riftgard.  (TS)

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GULIF.  Male Guosim shrew.  Husband of Mimsy.  (TS)

GURDLE SPRINK.  Male hedgehog.   Cellarkeeper of Redwall.  (TS)


HARSSACSS.  Male adder.   Son of Berrussca, brother of Zassaliss and Sesstra. He and his two siblings were permanently joined together near their tails by the mace and chain of Sarengo, after being trapped in it while barely half-grown.  They lived in the ruins of Brockhall.   He was killed by Sagax.  (TS)

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HIGHTOR, LORD.  Male badger.   Husband of Merola, father of Sagaxus.  Ruler of Salamandastron.  (TS)

HYDRAD.  Male rat.  Last Captain of Riftgard before Triss freed the slaves.  Killed by Kroova.  (TS)


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JACQUES, BRIAN. Author of the Redwall series. Visit the Official Brian Jacques Homepage!


KLIGGER.  Male stoat with an affinity for pears.  Along with Burgogg, he was one-third of Wicky's gang until he was killed by adders at Brockhall.  (TS)

KROOVA WAVEDOG.  Male sea otter. Husband of Sleeve, adoptive father of Freedom. Doesn't remember having parents.  Friend and traveling companion of Sagax and Scarum.  He helped free Riftgard from the Pure Ferrets, and there met his future wife, Sleeve.  The couple adopted Freedom, an orphaned mouse, and stayed to help run the community of freed slaves.  (TS)

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KURDA, PRINCESS.  Female "Pure Ferret" (albino).  Granddaughter of Sarengo, daughter of Agarnu, younger sister of Bladd.  She was a highly skilled swordsbeast who practiced often with her sabre and other blades.  She wore silk robes.  She died in Mossflower Woods during a duel with Triss by tripping and falling on her own broken sword.  (TS)

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LOG-A-LOG.  Title given to the leader of the Guosim.  See also Groo.

LONG PATROL. Elite fighting force of hares at Salamandastron.


MALBUN GRIMP.  Old female wood mouse.   Healer and Recorder of Redwall Abbey.  Lifelong friend of Apodemus.  (TS)

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MAMMEE MIGOOCH.  Homely female hedgehog living on the shore north of Salamandastron.  Mother of Fridilo, wife of Cumarnee, sister of Roobee, sister-in-law of Birty.  (TS)

MARTIN THE WARRIOR. The central figure of the Redwall series. Male mouse. He was Redwall Abbey’s co-founder, along with Abbess Germaine.  His ghost sometimes appears in dreams and visions to offer advice to troubled Redwallers. (MW, MF, LL)

MEMM FLACKERY.  Fat old female hare.   Wears a poke bonnet and apron.  She served at Salamandastron in her younger seasons and was a good friend of Lady Merola.  Then she went to Redwall, where she became the nurse for the Dibbins.  (TS)

MEROLA, LADY.  Female badger.  Wife of Hightor, mother of Sagaxus.  Russano the Wise was her "fifth great grandsire."  She was friends with Memm Flackery when the hare lived at Salamandastron.  (TS)

MIMSY.  Kindly female Guosim shrew who wears a flowered pinafore and bonnet.  Wife of Gulif.  (TS)

MINDEL.  Bright and pretty female hare of Salamandastron.  (TS)

MOKUG.  Golden-furred male hamster.   In his "middle seasons" and very thin.  Played a reed flute.   His earliest memory was of being a parentless slave at Riftgard.  He was the personal slave of Sarengo, and the only slave the king brought with him on that last, fateful voyage.  After the Pure Ferret and his party were killed by Berrussca, Mokug lived alone in Mossflower for many years.  He was taken in by Redwallers, then returned with Triss to Riftgard to help free the other slaves.  With Kroova, he became the unofficial leader of the peaceful community founded at Riftgard after the slave revolt.  (TS)

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MOLEEDION.  Instrument played by moles.   (TS)

MOSSFLOWER. Forest that runs along the east side of the North Path. Numerous streams run through it.


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OVUS.  Big, tawny male owl.  Had family in the north but lives in Mossflower.  A friend to Redwallers and Bluddbeak.   He was as gluttonous as any hare.  He was killed by adders near Brockhall.   (TS)

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PEACE ISLAND.  An island in the northern part of the western sea that was populated by hedgehogs seeking a peaceful life.  It is ignored by vermin and other seafarers because the volcanic blue-green rock that makes up the island renders it nearly invisible to passing ships. (TS)

PLUGG FIRETAIL.   Male fox with silver fur and a gold-red tail.  Captain of the Freebooter vessel Seascab.   He wore a long coat of green velvet and carried a double-bladed axe.  He harbored an intense dislike for Kurda.  He was fond of his late uncle, who was an educated gentlebeast and knew many songs.  He was exceptionally well-liked by his crew.  His pride and joy was his tail, until it was torn off in a booby trap set up by Shogg and Kroova.  After that he had to have his tail stuck on with pine resin, a fact he tried to keep a secret whenever possible.   He was killed by Zassaliss, Harssacss and Sesstra.  (TS)

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PURE FERRET.  Name applied to the albino ferrets from the royal house of King Sarengo of Riftgard.  (TS)


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RATGUARDS.  Armed guards serving under the Pure Ferrets of Riftgard.  (TS)

RAURA SHELLRUDD.  Childless old female sea otter who helped Kroova, Sagax and Scarum on their journey.  She lives with Slippo in a sea cave north of Salamandastron.  (TS)

RED FIREBRAND PEPPER.  Raura's grandfather got this spice from a corsair ship.  It came from far across the ocean and is ten times hotter than normal otter hotroot pepper.  (TS)

REDWALL ABBEY. Large red sandstone structure located between Mossflower woods and the main north road. Surrounded by tall walls. Major areas within the walls are: the gatehouse, bell tower, orchard, pond, Great Hall, Cavern Hole, infirmary, cellar, kitchens, Warbeak Loft. Built from red sandstone from a quarry north-east of the abbey. Founded by Abbess Germaine of Loamhedge and Martin the Warrior.

R.H.O.R.  Initials of the Royal House of Riftgard, written in the royal alphabet on ships, banners and insignia belonging to the Pure Ferrets.  (TS)

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RIFTGARD.  Fortress in the northlands, on the coast of the western sea.  It was ruled by Sarengo and his descendants until Triss came to free the slaves and overthrow the Pure Ferrets.  After that it became a Redwall-like community of woodlanders and ex-slaves.  (TS)

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RIFTUN.  Male rat with a narrow face.   Captain of Riftgard, confidant of Kurda.  He was trying to use his favorite weapon, a spear, during a storm on board the Seascab when he was struck by lightning and killed.  (TS)

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RIGGAN.  Female rat with a long nose and slitted eyes.  Although she was somewhat older than most of the Ratguard members, she was highly respected as Riftgard's slavecatcher and an expert tracker.  She was killed by Log-a-Log at Brockhall.  (TS)

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RIPPER.  Male rat crewmember of the Seascab.   He had no tail, only one eye, and was missing half an ear.  His weapon was a sharp sickle.  (TS)

ROCC ARREM.  Male squirrel warrior, reknowned for his skill with a sword.  Father of Trisscar, close friend of Drufo.   He died fighting Riftgard rats during King Sarengo's reign.  (TS)

ROOBEE.  Female hedgehog known for her skill as a cook.  Wife of Birty, sister of Mammee, sister-in-law of Cumarnee, aunt of Fridilo.  (TS)

ROOBIL.  Male mole Dibbun of Redwall.   He was particularly mischieveous and refused to learn song lyrics, but danced very well.  (TS)

RUGGUM.  Male mole Dibbun of Redwall.   He and his friend Bikkle accidentally rediscovered Brockhall, and later shared Abbey bellringing duties.  (TS)

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RUMBOL.  Male otter.  Brother of Churk, nephew of Skipper.  (TS)


SAGAXUS (SAGAX).  Male badger.  Son of Hightor and Merola.  His name means "wise."  He left his home at Salamandastron with Bescarum and Kroova to go questing, and returned as a more mature badger after having learned the way of the warrior helping Triss and her friends.  He used Plugg Firetail's double-bladed axe as his weapon.  He spent much of his time at Redwall but still visited Salamandastron regularly. (TS)

SALAMANDASTRON. Extinct volcano that has been made into a fortress to guard the seashore. Generations of Badger Lords have ruled the mountain, with the help of the hares of the Long Patrol.

SARENGO, KING.  Male Pure Ferret (albino).   King of Riftgard.  Father of Agarnu, grandfather of Kurda and Bladd.  His weapon of choice was a mace and chain.  He died in Brockhall in a battle with the adder Berrussca that took both their lives.  (TS)

SCARUM.  See Bescarum Lepuswold Whippscut.

SCUMMY.  Male stoat in Plugg's crew on the Seascab.  He has few teeth left, but can read and write and has some healing knowledge.  (TS)

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SEAFANG.  The ship Sarengo took to Mossflower.  (TS)

SEASCAB.  The largest Freebooter vessel in the northern waters of the western sea.  Captained by Plugg Firetail.   It was later captured by Redwallers and the Guosim, who renamed it Freedom.   (TS)

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SESSTRA.  Female adder.   Daughter of Berrussca, sister of Zassaliss and Harssacss.  She and her two brothers were permanently joined together near their tails by the mace and chain of Sarengo, after being trapped in it while barely half-grown.  They lived in the ruins of Brockhall.  She was killed by Shogg.  (TS)

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SHOGG.  Male otter.  Best friend of Triss.  He escaped from slavery at Riftgard with Triss and Welfo, and eventually came to Redwall Abbey.  He was killed by the adder Zassaliss at Brockhall and was buried at Redwall.  (TS)

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SHOGG.  Name given by Triss to the ship she, Welfo and Shogg used to escape Riftgard.  The vessel had been commissioned by Agarnu for Kurda and Bladd, and it was built by the slaves.  (TS)

SKIPPER.  Male otter.  Direct descendant of Deyna/Tagg, uncle of Churk and Rumbol.  He was once invited by Abbot Apodemus to become the Abbey's Warrior, but he declined and took the title of Master of Arms at the Abbey instead, and helped train others in the use of weapons.  He and his crew were a great help to the Abbey in times of crisis.  (TS)

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SLEEVE.  Slim, pretty female sea otter.   She was a slave at Riftgard since birth, and was orphaned at a young age.   Drufo taught her to read and write, and it was her written account of the slave revolt that was entered into Redwall's archives.  After Triss freed the slaves she married Kroova and adopted the mousebabe Freedom, and helped turn Riftgard into a haven for peace.   (TS)

SLIPPO.  Sleek, male grey seal.   Lives with Raura Shellrudd in a sea cave.  Speaks only in seal noises but can play a harp.  (TS)

SLITFANG.  Thin, gap-toothed male weasel.   Plugg Firetail's first mate on the Seascab.  He was beheaded by Kurda shortly after Plugg's death.  (TS)

STINKY.  Male weasel in Plugg's crew on the Seascab.  (TS)

STOPDOG, THE.  Double-sailed ketch that Kroova stole from three searats.  He named it the Stopdog because the last thing he heard the searats yelling after him was "Stop, dog!"  The craft actually used to belong to King Sarengo, who towed it behind his main ship.  It burned on the beach well north of Salamandastron after a skirmish with Plugg's crew of Freebooters.  (TS)

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STREAMBANK STEW.  Dish served by Guosim shrews.  (TS)


TAZZIN.  Female weasel in Plugg's crew on the Seascab.  Expert dagger thrower.  (TS)

TOOBLES.  Dibbun hedgehog at Redwall.   (TS)

TRISSCAR (TRISS).  Female squirrel.   Daughter of Rocc Arrem.  She spent her youngest years as a slave at Riftgard.   She escaped with Welfo and Shogg and eventually made her way to Redwall Abbey, where she became the first female creature on record to be chosen by Martin to bear his sword.  As Abbey Champion she travelled to Riftgard to free the slaves.  (TS)

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TRISS.  Novel by Brian Jacques.  2002.  A squirrelmaid escapes from slavery in the far north to find a whole new destiny at Redwall Abbey.

TURFEE.  Male mouse Dibbun of Redwall.   (TS)

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TURNA.  Old female hedgehog.  Healer on Peace Island.  (TS)


URRM, FOREMOLE.  Male mole.  Uncle of Furrel.  Leader of the moles at Redwall. (TS)

URTICA.  Male hedgehog.  Son of Bistort and Downyrose, husband of Welfo.  Resident of Peace Island.  Uses archaic speech.  (TS)


VERNAL, SISTER.  Shy, austere female mouse.  She helped Memm Flackery look after the Dibbuns, and later took over as Redwall's healer and herbalist after Malbun retired.  (TS)

VORTO.  Male rat from Riftgard.   Replaced Riftun as Kurda's Captain.  Killed by Sagax at Brockhall.  (TS)

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WELFO.  Shy female hedgehog.  Wife of Urtica.  She nearly died from a head wound, thirst and hunger after escaping from slavery at Riftgard with Triss and Shogg.  She was nursed back to health on Peace Island, where she fell in love with Urtica at first sight.  She married him and made her home on the island.   (TS)

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WHIDGE.  Skinny, old male searat in Plugg's crew.  He was killed by Tazzin while serving as bait for the adders in Brockhall.   (TS)

WHIPPSCUT, COLONEL.  Male hare in the Long Patrol.  Husband of Dunfreda, father of Bescarum.  Wears a uniform with medals and has waxed, mustached whiskers.  (TS)

WHURP.  Male squirrel.  Father of Burnby.  Chieftan of the Coneslingers.  He often repeats the phrase, "...that's what I always say."  (TS)

WICKY.  Lanky male stoat with bad teeth.   He was the leader of a vermin band (the only other members being Kligger and Burgogg) who roamed Mossflower, harassing travellers, until Skipper and Log-a-Log banished them.  (TS)

WIDEPAW, SERGEANT.  Male hare of Salamandastron.  Veteran member of the Long Patrol.  (TS)


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ZASSALISS.  Male adder.   Son of Berrussca.  Larger than his brother, Harssacss, and his sister, Sesstra.  Wore the crown of Sarengo.  He and his two siblings were permanently joined together near their tails by the mace and chain of Sarengo, after being trapped in it while barely half-grown.  He was killed by Triss with the Sword of Martin the Warrior.  (TS)

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