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About Brian Jacques

When and where was Brian Jacques born?
He was born (and still lives) in Liverpool, England on June 15th, 1939.

What is Jacques' favorite Redwall book?
He doesn't have one! Each book is like a child to him, and he could never single one out as his favorite.

What is Jacques' favorite Redwall character?
Gonff the Mousethief! He says he based the character on himself in his younger days on the docks of Liverpool.

What is his family like?
Brian Jacques has two grown sons, Marc and David. Marc is a builder, carpenter, and bricklayer, and is the voice of Matthias in the Redwall Radio Play. David, two years older, is an art professor and muralist. He has painted murals all over the world, in Germany, Mexico and Chile. Mariel of Redwall was written to honor Jacques' granddaughter, Jade, and The Great Redwall Feast is dedicated to her.

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What other jobs has he had besides writing Redwall?
Perhaps the FAQ should be "What jobs hasn't he had?" Brian Jacques has worked in a lot of different jobs. He's worked as a radio show host, a playwright, a longshoreman, a lorry (truck) driver, a comedian, and other occupations.

Does he have any hobbies?
While Jacques often says writing leaves him no time for hobbies, he does enjoy crossword puzzles.

Can I contact Brian Jacques by e-mail?
Sorry, but no. He has no publicly available e-mail address. In fact, he isn't very fond of computers in general and writes on an old typewriter.    :-)

Can I contact Brian Jacques by "snail mail"?
Absolutely!  However, please remember that due to the high number of letters he receives, unfortunately he cannot reply to them all. 

The address is:

Mr. Brian Jacques
L18 3NZ

How do I know when Brian Jacques is on tour?
He usually tours the United States and Canada in the spring. His most recent schedule should be posted at the official site, here.

Does he ever get writer's block?
Fortunately for the fans, no! :-)

How is "Jacques" pronounced?

What kinds of books does he read?
Brian Jacques doesn't read other children's books because he doesn't want his style to be influenced by other authors. Among the books he does like is Wind in the Willows, which is also an anthropomorphic tale. He also very much likes Homer's ancient Greek epics, The Iliad and The Odyssey. He also enjoys the works of Mario Puzo, Damon Runyon, Richard Condon, Larry McMurtry and P.G. Wodehouse. As Redwall fans know, he also has a knack for poetry.

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Does he have an accent?
Yes. At least, from the point of view of a non-Briton! Don't assume that because he's from Liverpool he sounds like Ringo Star, however. His accent really sounds more Irish than Beatle-ish. (Which makes sense because his family history is in County Cork, Ireland.) To hear his voice, check out one of the recent Redwall audiobooks!

Has he written any books besides non-Redwall ones?
Yes!  Among the other works are the Castaways of the Flying Dutchman series, a book of short stores called Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales, and a children's storybook called The Tale of Urso Brunov: Little Father of All Bears.  

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