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My Art

What is it, Professor? "Snape's Greatest Experiment." 
Rating: G    Spoilers:  None
Dear Diary... "Ginny Weasley Discovers LiveJournal."  
Rating: G  Spoilers: Book 2
It's the Snape smirk! Just a little Snape portrait, the first colored pic I did of him
Rating: G  Spoilers:  None
It's deer season!  No, it's bat season!  Oy... Young Severus gives James Potter a hard time, much to Lily's disgust.
Rating: G  Spoilers:  Book 3
Sev doesn't look happy--shocker. A portrait of Severus looking annoyed.
Rating: G  Spoilers:  None
Turn around, Lily! Schoolage Severus casts a fond gaze at a certain red-haired Gryffindor, who remains oblivious.
Rating: G  Spoilers:  Book 5 (sort of)
Professor WHO? Who will be the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher in sixth year?  Not Snape, but someone else with lots of experience...
Rating: G  Spoilers:  Books 2, 3 & 5
Not that there's anything wrong with that! Remus and Sirius have a public service announcement to clear up certain rumors about them.
(Poking gentle fun at slash-obsessed fangirls.  No offense intended.   This is just a bit of humor from the perspective of a canon stickler.)  This will make slightly more sense if you've seen the "Snape's Greatest Experiment" comic above.
Rating: PG  Spoilers:  Books 3 & 5
FEAR THE DARK LORD...and his snakey? Voldemort rallies his Death Eaters to battle and then takes a moment to appreciate Nagini...much to Bellatrix's confusion, disdain and amusement.
Rating: G  Spoilers:  Books 4 & 5
Odd, there's no call number... I'm minding my own business at my job at the library when I find this odd book:  an old diary...
Rating: PG  Spoilers:  Book 2

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Snape, Lily, Harry Potter and related stuff belongs to the very talented J.K. Rowling, not me.