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Severus/Lily Links

Our ship at Fiction Alley
I.  S.S. Cliched, the beginning
II.  Harry, I'm Your Father.
III.  His Snake Ate Her Kitten!
IV.  Lily and that Awful Boy
V.  Asphodel and Wormwood
VI.  Someone tell James
VII.  The Couple who must not be named
VIII.  Rose Among the Briars
IX.  We stood through the fifth, bring it on sixth
X.  Slughorn played matchmaker
XI. He's Her Greasy Git!

XII.   After all this time (Ship renamed from 'Cliched' to 'Always' after Book 7!)

Asphodel Fusion
Snape 'n' Lily Society Fanlisting
Poggy's Art
Didodikali's Art and Fanfics
Ephemeral (and its Livejournal community)
Snevans community on LJ
cliched_1977, another Sev/Lily LJ community

Snape Humor 
(and no, that's not an oxymoron)

Bothering Snape Sorcerer's Stone Stick Figure Theater The Adventures of Chibi Snape
Potter Pals official LJ community Chamber of Secrets Stick Figure Theater

General Snape Sites

Billowing Black Robes Case in Point: Severus Snape
(detailed character analysis)
The Dark Mark
Dark Potions Darkness: A Guide to Severus Snape Death Eaters and Their Prey
Ensnaring Snape

Greasy Git

Lure of Darkness
(dual tribute to Severus and Lucius)
SSSSSS Severus Snape's Dungeon of Darkness Severus Snape's Slytherin Society
Slytherin Common Room (part English, part Polish) Snape Captures

Snape Needs a Positive Experience

Snape's Silverlining Snape Variations and HP Wallpaper

Snape's Dungeons

Snape's Sanctum Sanctorum

Top Snape Sites

The Unforgiven:  A Severus Snape Shrine
Why Snape?

Snape Communities on LiveJournal

prof_snape - General Snape appreciation snape100 - Short Snapefics do_me_profsnape - drooling fangirls welcome
we_trust_snape - Formed after HBP, and we were right! snapesupport - Snape appreciation with a focus on fanfics The Subtle Science - one of the better "in-character" LJs, written by "Snape" himself

General Potter Fanart Links

Tiny Q's HP Fanart Artistic Alley Ayne's Harry Potter Gallery
Nasubionna's Harry Potter Art Realm of the Runespoor Potterism
Tealin's Harry Potter Art



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