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Why is this site called "A Very Horrible Idea?"  Two reasons.  The main one is this quote by J.K. Rowling during a 1999 interview:

"Who on earth would want Snape in love with them?
That’s a very horrible idea!"

Who indeed?  Well, 18 zillion fangirls, judging by the look of the Internet.  Heh.  And perhaps a certain red-haired, green-eyed young Gryffindor student...

The second reason for the site's title stems from my own reluctance to read the "stupid Harry Potter books," as I referred to them for years.  I resisted the phenomenon as I often do when something is obnoxiously popular, partly out of jealousy because it diverted attention from another young adult fantasy series written by a British author of which I am immensely fond--Redwall.   But my online friends finally convinced me to give the books a try, and lo and behold I found them to be very well-written, exciting and addictive.  So the me-of-several-years-ago would no doubt find my current obsession to be "a very horrible idea" indeed.  ^_^;



Snape, Lily, Harry Potter and related stuff belongs to the very talented J.K. Rowling, not me.